Disposable Breast Pads - Pack of 24
With motherhood comes a lot of joy, a bundle of responsibilities, and some initial discomfort as well. Pee Safe disposable breast pads address one of those discomforts and help you stay dry when you are not feeding. To avoid leakage,...
Rs. 399.00
100% Organic Cotton, Biodegradable Panty Liners
For the women who are always on the go, Pee Safe’s Biodegradable Panty Liners are your best companions. Whether it is vaginal discharge or period leakage, Pee Safe has got you covered. With 100% organic cotton and bamboo pulp, they...
Rs. 199.00
Natural Intimate Wash
Just like your face, lips, hands need your attention and care, your intimate area needs your attention and care in the same way. Intimate hygiene is overlooked most of the time however, it is as essential as any other hygiene....
Rs. 180.00
Intimate Powder for Women - 75gm
Pee Safe Intimate Powder is dermatologically tested and provides the best intimate hygiene experience with its dryness combating properties and to top it all off, the powder keeps you fresh ALL DAY LONG! With Clotrimazole IP and Vitamin E as...
Rs. 199.00
Natural Intimate Wipes for Women - Pack of 4
Our body needs to have good bacteria and microorganisms rather than the ones that can harm us. Not only by looking over at our personal and oral hygiene, but also looking after our intimate hygiene to eliminate the bacteria which...
Rs. 260.00
Reusable Sanitary Pads
The pads are made of breathable fabric that ensures a comfortable and a safe experience for your menstrual cycle. These pads prevent any kind of itching or rash that is commonly caused by the use of plastic pads. Not only...
Rs. 499.00
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