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An open letter for a Dad-to-be!

by Apoorva Varvadekar 18 Jan 2023

Hello, fathers!
I was having a sleepless night. I was thinking about our journey through the pregnancy and some thoughts crossed my mind. Do we really appreciate or pamper a dad-to-be as much as we do a Mom-to-be? I know, it is obvious that a lady definitely goes through a major physical, mental, and lifestyle shifts since the day she conceives and her physical and mental health becomes the priority of the whole family.
Have we ever thought about the father-to-be? He is the one who is made feel more burdened with all the additional responsibilities like become more productive at home and at work.
You are the one who has to put up with your pregnant wife’s mood swings, her discomforts, sleepless nights, his office work. As much as we go through physically and emotionally, you too go through a lot of mental, emotional, and physical stress. You have to deal with our tantrums, our sickness, the days with high energy.
How do you never get tired? You understand what your wife goes through. You know your wife has limited energy now. You offer more help doing daily chores than you have ever been doing. That’s what matters the most. When we are unable to do small routine things like cooking, taking something off the shelves or maybe it’s wearing your clothes in the third trimester, you are always there to lend a helping hand, apart from doing your daily chorus and job.

You very well know what’s best for us. Though we are aware of all the good things we must be doing during pregnancy, things like monitoring our sleep, medicines, screen timing, and exercises, only you can push us to get it done on the days we do not feel motivated. You are the one who reminds us to slow down on our work and take rest. There are days when we feel super-productive and then there are days when we are not at all motivated to do our routine. But you are the one who understands it and helps us through these ups and downs.
You are also experiencing the emotional roller coaster ride like we do, and we can see that. Our hormones play a big role in it but it’s pure feelings for you guys! We understand that. You don’t go through any physical changes like a mom-to-be but yes, you are also excited, nervous, scared, and happy to be a father. You might not express it often like we do but yes, you too go through these transitions while handling our mental and physical health throughout the pregnancy.
You are the BACKBONE!

We totally underestimate a father while we appreciate and acknowledge what a mother does for her kids. I am a would-be-mother and I am experiencing it. It is really difficult for us to handle so many changes inside and around us, but every time I look at my husband, I feel motivated to do something on the days I feel blah! I too throw tantrums; I cry for no reason but I realize that he is doing his best to keep up with all the things changing around him as well. Any slight change in your partner’s behavior affect yours, and so we sometimes have to put ourselves into their shoes and try to make this pregnancy is a better experience for the fathers-to-be.

A pregnant woman definitely needs to be pampered but yes, a father-to-be deserves appreciation and acknowledgement for what they do for their partners during the pregnancy.

So, a big Thank you to all the dads-to-be for taking care of your pregnant wife.

Apoorva Arvandekar is a homemaker, a passionate blogger, and an upcoming YouTuber.

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