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Working Woman’s Guide to Juggle Motherhood & Career

by Nasrin Zaman 27 May 2021 0 Comments
Working Woman’s Guide to Juggle Motherhood & Career


Women across the globe have been glorified as doting mothers, but the very mention of pregnancy on the professional front raises eyebrows for many working women. Pregnancy results in the death of professional ambitions for many women. But according to me, pregnancy or motherhood should never come in the way of professional aspirations for women. A proverb goes- “A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years, and in your heart till the day you die.” The feeling of a mother holding her baby for the first time is incomparable to any other feelings in the world. Let me share my personal experience to guide you all better on how to juggle motherhood and career.

My personal experience of Being A Working Mother

Motherhood has been an enriching and rewarding experience for me and it has definitely changed my life for the better. It has taught me the lessons of multi-tasking and has turned me into a more disciplined, responsible and resilient individual. It has also helped me to become a pro in the skill of time management. Juggling a full-time career and motherhood is definitely a herculean task. Due to this, I have always been in tightropes. However, I have been blessed to have a support system of family members to help me sail through the challenges of motherhood and professional life. At all times, my husband has acted as my rock-solid pillar of support. He has always encouraged me to excel at both personal and professional fronts. He has also never hesitated to share household chores equally. The path of a working mother is always strewn with challenges.

Many a time, friends and relatives have tried to shame me as a working mother but I have never let my spirits be dampened by their disheartening comments. I consider spending quality time with my family as one of my top priorities. Every mother aspires for the best for her child-be it a working mother or a stay-at-home mother. As a human being, sometimes I struggle with the pressures of work life and motherhood. I must admit that there have been times when I had to prioritize my kids over my demanding career and vice-versa. But I am sure that when my son Naveed grows up, he will be proud of my achievements as a working mother. I believe that children of working parents grow up to be independent and emotionally strong individuals. After a tiring day’s work, the face of my little munchkin makes all my tiredness go away. It gives me immense pleasure to prepare my baby’s meal and to feed him even amidst my hectic work schedule. I also accommodate time in my schedule to homeschool my kid. Being away from my son for long periods of time while at work used to make my heart ache. But due to the work-from-home situation created by the global coronavirus infection, I am able to spend more time with my child now. In this pandemic situation, the thought of safety of my child and my loved ones keeps me worried. However, I try to give my best to my both my child and my career. Motherhood has ignited in me the zeal to move ahead amidst all odds.

My Advice to All Working Mothers

Let me share a few pieces of advice to all working mothers:

  • Build up a strong support system at home – Having a strong network of family members and caregivers at home is crucial. Yes, it definitely takes a village to raise a child. So never hesitate to delegate tasks to caregivers or family members. I believe that working women can definitely have it all provided they are offered a little bit of support and a few comforting words of affection by their family members. 
  • Manage time wisely- Working mothers should divide their day’s tasks into small chunks. Important tasks should be completed first on priority basis. Time management is the key. Spending quality time with family members is essential.
  • Stop trying to be perfect- Never let mother’s guilt grip you. Stop trying to make efforts of being perfect versions of yourself. All mothers are amazing and should be lauded for their relentless efforts to raise their children. 
  • Enjoy ‘me time’- Don’t lose yourself while trying to accommodate time for child and career. Pursue your hobbies in your leisure time and engage in activities that interest you.
  • Enjoy motherhood- Another important piece of advice to all working mothers is to enjoy God’s gift of motherhood. Let motherhood mark the start of new beginnings. Career progression and motherhood can go hand-in-hand. Working women should take charge of their careers and strive to break the glass ceiling that society has imposed before them. 

Motherhood is special, priceless and should be celebrated every single day.


Nasrin Zaman is a software engineer by profession. She likes travelling to various places and enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature. She also loves photography and reading various kinds of books in her leisure time. Connect with her on Facebook or Instagram.

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