Work Vs Motherhood


Work Vs Motherhood

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This is a message to all the wonder women! The wonder women are none other than our working mothers. ‘Mother’, she is a multi tasking personality, epitome of love and care, the first teacher and the best friend. According to the words of Ricki Lake, Motherhood is the greatest thing and the hardest thing.

In today’s fast moving world, dominated by nuclear families, motherhood and work always repels. I was also a prey of the same repulsion. Now my kid has grown up into a primary school boy, but the stress I had, to manage my work and the toddler was tremendous. Our working system offers a maximum of 6 months of maternity leave and we become forced to be back to work. The era where mothers were only responsible for looking after their kids and household chores is gone. We are living in a world where we speak equality. How to manage? Here comes the role of a day care.

Mothers become anxious when such a situation arises. To me, leaving my child in a day care is safer than having a baby sitter at home. Provided, the day care is a well set and organized organization. The reason for this thought is that socialization of our children is very important for their emotional development. I, being a teacher, see a lot of cases where the kids are adamant, emotionally weak and less amicable. This is because of the lonely living with all luxury around and gadget dependent hours.

A child who has gone to a day care and play school is more amicable and good at surviving adverse situations. I would say that my kid can be quoted as the best example. He at the age of 1, used to travel 25 kilometers with me to reach his day care near my work place and back. We used to leave home together by 7.00 a.m. in the morning and be back by 5.00 p.m. He has never shown tantrums of not going to school. He loves his school and to do all his works related to study. His linguistic skills seem to be much better than kids of his age. He is more patient and can calmly wait for his chance. Skills of observation, problem solving, keeping himself safe and many more came by his own way as the result of days spent in the day care.

The biggest threat I had in the initial stages was his health issues. He was troubled with flu often because of the interaction with the other children. As the time passed by his immune system became stronger. The most important areas to be checked are the safety and hygiene of the day care. Try to get regular updates from the in charge. Also try to drop in at different times to find out what’s going on. Find out the methodology they follow to enhance the fine motor and gross motor skills. Ensure that you are sending your kids to trained staff. Try to pack food which is simple and easy to eat. See to that the kid is not fed with food from outside. Send enough diapers to change. Ensure that the staff of the day care uses only things sent by you.

Never ever feel that kids will not adjust in a day care. They will be happier to be in groups rather than being alone at home with gadgets. They get an opportunity to learn what is right and wrong at a very young age.  Always try to make kids independent rather mommy dependent. Wishing all a very happy motherhood. Be an independent mother of an independent child.




Sweety S Pullikottil


Sweety is the Vice Principal of Guardian International School, an educationist, teacher, orator and a mother of a 6 year old. You can follow her on





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  • Posted on by Sindhu

    A beautiful message from a beautiful and inspirational person every working mother can really relate to it 😊😊

  • Posted on by Sindhu

    A beautiful message from a beautiful and inspirational person every working mother can really relate to it 😊😊

  • Posted on by JEYARAMAN M

    Good attempt but 1st child are always supportive the second will be more challenging try it and then compare these comments what you mentioned

  • Posted on by Vaishnavi

    It was an inspirational blog ma’am..

  • Posted on by Snehaja

    Good to read mam keep updating the rest also

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