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Why Do Babies Cry?

Mother is the one who almost stays with the baby and she always understand what the baby wants when he/she is crying. There are various reasons due to which babies...

Why do Babies Cry?
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Babies are amazing creature that God gifted as they brings lots of happiness and joy in a family and on top of that, it is a blessing to a parents. Everyone in family loves to play with babies, when baby is happy and enjoying however when he or she starts crying so everyone left with questions as what would have happened or what is the reason, why is baby crying? And no one tries to soothe baby from crying though hurry to handover to their parents, especially to mother of baby as she is the only one to understand the reason properly as she is the one who almost stays with the baby and she always understand the baby wants or worries.

There are various reasons of crying baby and as per that I will be describing and also convey how to sooth them:

  • Hunger:

The most common reason in babies is hunger, as they are too small to let us know since they cannot speak ; so they are left with crying to communicate with parents.

Here mother can provide breastmilk if baby is below 6 months and if baby is above 6months so they can be soothe by providing semi solid foods.

  • Colic:

the other common reason is colic in babies. It depends upon the digestive system since, they are so small they are unable to pass gas and due to which they suffer from colic in stomach. Parents can go for home remedies can be used for e.g.: asofoetida paste can be used around the navel of baby by mixing with water.

Sometimes, we can give fennel seeds water to soothe baby from colic.

Though, even pediatrician in advance provide medicine as they are aware that these are the issues babies are facing.

The colic pain if occurs,so it is their for at least 3 months.

  • Nap time:

this is the most important part for babies, as due to complete sleep they are refreshed and even enjoy post sound sleep. Even babies health improve a lot .However, if any disturbance occurs so they are distracted easily that results in crying, which goes on for at least an hour maximum as it is tough job to let baby get sleep.

here mother can take baby in her arms and can sing lullabies by patting slowly on back of baby, so baby gets to know that he is been taken care and feel warm as well as comfortable.

  • Want mother to get in arms:

sometimes babies are playing well, even tummy full but ; as soon as they saw their mother they start crying and this goes on till Momma don’t take baby in her arms. Since babies are too small to express so ultimately left with no option other than crying and uplifting their arms.

During this duration mother should take baby in her arms at the earliest, if possible since these are those moments where baby wish to enjoy their comfort with the person they want. So before any second thought mother should appreciate this as there are emotions attached.

  • Want diapers to change:

Mostly whenever mommas are busy with their house hold chores or any important work, so they unknowingly forgot to change nappies due to which the nappies are full of urine or poop.However still mothers don’t understand the sign, though babies are continuously crying so out of worries Momma do understand that, yes its time to change diapers.

Here baby’s diaper should be changed when they start crying out of irritation, but as soon as the time interval of 2-3hours completed, so parents must look whether the diaper is full or not since if attention is not given it can lead to diaper rash.

  • Teething:

Baby even cry out loud, due to teething as this process is the toughest process in babies milestone. As gums become hard, babies are always wanting something to be their in mouth as they are too small they take anything in mouth which leads to infection and hence, due to this even they suffer from diaherria.

In this case, parents should take care that babies surrounding must be always clean wherever they sit, crawl and even their toys should be cleaned properly. Babies should be provided something like teether or soother so they can get some relief. Teether can be given by keeping in refrigerator for at least 2-3hours which soothes their gums and provide relief.

  • Dreams:

Babies do cry while sleeping due to dreams . Dreams can be good or bad, due to which babies cry. Mothers should take care whenever babies cry during sleep; as due to dreams babies don’t open there eyes and they are in sleeping mode and we have to take them in arms and cuddle. Still if they don’t stop crying so we need to get awake the child to withdraw from dreams.

  • Burping:

The other most important part of baby crying can lead to burping as sometimes due to overfeeding babies are unable to burp.

During this time mothers should take baby in shoulder and pat his back slowly so baby can easily burp.

  • Constipation:

Sometimes baby do cry out loud, due to constipation . As all babies are different so has different digestive system development. Constipation can occur due to formula milk or else any other food or even it happens that, if digested properly however ;the bowel movement is not done for at least a week and due to which they are unable to pass stool and left with crying.

During this time parents should let help baby to do exercise , massage or keep hydrated and even to keep track when baby is passing stool. If it is more than 10 days baby didn’t passed stool so immediately it should be consulted to pediatrician.


Hope you found this blog to be helpful and if it is helpful, kindly let me know your comments and suggestions if any!






Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is know pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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