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What Do New Moms Need The Most

Waiting for nine months to finally meet my baby seemed like a herculean task. But all my excitement and zest faded away the moment I gave birth...

What do new moms needs the most


Being a new mother is the most exciting phase of a woman’s life. I remember while pregnant I used to daydream about shopping for the baby, changing diapers, giving bath, cuddling and what not. Waiting for nine months to finally meet my baby seemed like a herculean task. But all my excitement and zest faded away the moment I gave birth. 

As monotonous as it may sound, motherhood comes with its own set of challenges.

Here is a list of five topmost things which I needed the most after giving birth. 

  1. Sleep: The long labor and bringing your baby into this world can be exhausting. When I say that you only want to sleep after your delivery I am not exaggerating. You are taking medicines to numb your pain; you are feeding your baby throughout the day and night and the constant pressure of family members is just too much for a new mom.
  2. Emotional support: I got used to the extra love and care I was getting during pregnancy. After the baby came along the focus shifted to the baby. Both side of my family members were mostly concerned about the baby only. It was only my husband who was my emotional support during this time. As new mothers we go through an emotional turmoil. How hard it is to understand that the mother of the child also needs the same love, support, and care just as the baby. 
  3. Good Food: Oh, how I craved for normal food!! The food that is given to a new mom is bland. The diet usually consists of lots of ghee, laddoos, ajwain and very limited vegetables. Even though the gynae and the dietician gives a clean chit to eat a balanced diet, it is seldom followed. 
  4. Able to feel normal again: - Whether you have given birth through Normal Vaginal Delivery or through C-Section, you are going to feel uncomfortable physically for a long time. I mean, come on, a human being has come out of you. The stitches are going to hurt for a long time. You will not be able to feel yourself for a couple of months. In my case standing and walking for more than 5 minutes hurt a lot in the pelvic region. No amount of massage or painkiller worked. It was only when my periods arrived that the pain went away.
  5. A break from traditions: - there are so many Indian traditions that both the mother and the child have to bear through. Every religion has some traditions and rituals that they perform after the delivery. In my family after the very elaborate naming ceremony pooja the mother has to wear seven bangles in each hand for a minimum of 11 days. Now you can only imagine how difficult it is to take care of a newborn with so many bangles. As per my belief the traditions should be molded according to the people’s convenience and not the other way round. 


This being said I assure all you new mommies that everything will fall into place and things are going to get better with time. The points discussed in the blog are not exclusive. Some moms might have a different experience. Everyone’s journey is different. Please let me know in the comment section what you needed the most postpartum.


Rinnie G Pareek is a new mom and a banker by profession, working with a PSU bank. She has 2 kids. 1 year old fur baby and 3 months old human baby. She loves reading and she writes to express her views. She hopes to become a well-known writer someday.
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