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Motherhood - A Lovely, But A Not-So-Easy Journey

by Geetanjali Rajaur 14 Jun 2020 1 comment

Motherhood - A Lovely But A Not-So-Easy Journey

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I want to share my motherhood journey. I am a mother of a 4-year-old kid. Being a mom is not an easy task at all, mommies! My motherhood journey started with lots of complications because I had conceived only after 5 months of marriage, I was an independent and a working woman at the time I conceived. We are ready for this baby but my body was not. The doctor also told me not to travel at all, so I had to left my job right after one month of conceiving. That’s when I realized that even before you become a mother, your journey already starts.

A mother may sacrifice many things in her life, her career, her individuality, her own ‘me’ time, and lots of things, which is her own choice, because God has given a power to only women that they can give birth to a life, which is so amazing thing in this universe. For me, motherhood means unconditional love, which is the best part of every women’s life which all are play very nicely. I still remember the day I became a mother. When I heard my baby’s voice and tears came out of my eyes.

I was so emotional, and my delivery was also very complicated. I had just entered my ninth month and there was no movement of the baby that day, then the gynecologist suggested for a C-sec delivery.  We start loving our mother more when we ourselves become a mother. This is my personal opinion and feelings as per my experience. I know we all have different feelings and opinions but only a mother can understand this feeling and concern. When we get the title of a ‘mother’ our life changes a lot. Lots of sleepless nights, no time for own self and lots of other things.

I am a home maker mom, as during pregnancy I left my job as I was worried about how I am going to manage motherhood. How am I going to manage not going out for long and all? But when my little one entered my life, life changed forever. I spent the initial four months with my in-laws and after those months, my motherhood journey actually started. It is very difficult to manage household chores along with your baby all alone, and if you are a home maker mom then you need to look after your kids all day and night, even though other family members may think what is she doing all day at home, but no one understands that home maker moms leave their career for their kids only. They work the whole day and night without any complaint, sacrifice many things in life, sometimes even forget about their own fitness, do not have time for friends, no ‘me’ time, and so many other things which she used to do in her life but now it all has stop just because she has to give priority to her family.

Even with working moms - a working mother sometimes has limited time for her kids, she wants to spend her time but is not always able to do. She is told from everyone, that "family is more important than your career”. She misses some happiest moments of her baby, and she also wants to enjoy her kids but she has her own other responsibilities or some other requirements if she is working that hard, but no one understands how much she worries when she leaves her kids at day care, or with a nanny. A mother is always great, and no one can define her priorities and sacrifices, irrespective of whether she is a working mother or a home maker mother, only another mother can understand another mom’s feelings.

I hope mommies you liked my writing, and if yes, then please like it and help me make a mark in this writing world. For me, motherhood is the best feeling in the world, a best way to know our capabilities, the best way to learn many things, a mother’s job is multitasking!!!

Here is a blog which tells you on how to have me time during motherhood journey

What is the best thing about Motherhood for you? Please reply in comments. Thanks for reading!




Geetanjali Rajaur
Geetanjali is a mother of a 4 years old little champ, whose name is Kian. By professional she is an MBA who worked in the corporate sector for 7 years, but after giving birth, he is the only priority. Now , she is a part time mom blogger, a part time home tutor. She also makes learning videos on youtube for kids and food recipes. She is a full time mother who loves to share knowledge and try new things.




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1 comment

14 Jun 2020 Pooja dubey

Very true feeling of yours and moms of so many kids. Very nice. Keep it up

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