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Ways To Keep Our Kids Engaged

by Poonam Nanwani Shah 20 Jan 2021 0 Comments
Ways To Keep Kids Engaged
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In today’s life as parents, we are too busy in ourselves which includes our job, family and many other things however the major responsibility owed by both mother and father is their kids, as we can see example of current pandemic which actually shown the reality of humans and even the way of living. Irrespective of all this, the one thing is that it has totally changed the kid’s education world especially the one who have still not started to go to school or I can say the preschoolers.

As they are at home, so the things which was or which use to be on timely basis for parents; however now it is tough to manage especially for those moms who are working. So here I wish to inform that there are some ideas on how you can keep your kids engage.

1) Involve in activities along with you:

The activities which we do on daily basis irrespective of home chores should be carry on in such a way that, our kids should voluntarily get involved while performing the activities. For e.g.: cleaning or sorting vegetables, cooking (alertness to be there), Washing clothes- here we can ask them to put clothes in machine so the counting helps them, not only this along with it they do learn many things as and even how to operate machine. So, these many activities are there which indirectly sharpens their motor skills, sensory skills and even cognitive skills.

2) Give some work to them so that they can work on their skills:

Here you can help them by doing activities of their age in play way method so they won’t feel studies as a burden and at the same time they will enjoy learning things in a creative manner. They would start loving the method and will take participation as well as initiation. They will upfrontly ask things to perform by themselves.

3) Play along with them:

As parents we are sure, that we do not have much time to spare and we do perform activities in a fast forward way, however if we take out some time for our kids so even our kids become happy and ready to play with us. This happiness indirectly develops emotional strength and feeling of togetherness.

4) Number of learning educational activities in market:

There are infinite activities available in market, especially learning activities in a play way method. So, if as a parent we take this step to involve our kids in such educational activities; due to which they will develop many skills such as cognitive skill which I can say brain exercise, fine motor skills which helps to develop their small fingers as sometimes kids do face writing issues so this will help them. Even there are activities which we can itself create and help them to get engage.

5) Engage them in reading:

Nowadays, as kids do have access to more technology so they are somewhat getting away from actual things, example books- kids do prefer studying online however due to all this they don’t have habit of reading and hence they lack reading skill. So here, as a parent we can help them to get involve reading activity through story books with large pictures as this will help them to actively participate and at the same time, they enjoy our company.

6) Last but not the least, is that engaging some time with their grandparents:

Kids always are fond of their grandparents and sometimes their likings towards them make them to understand things very well since even grandparents as well as helps them to know many things …like rituals, culture, religion and so on. These things even matter a lot. Sometimes it happens that kids become stubborn however, if grandparents participate so all their stubbornness went off.

Hope the above-mentioned activities help parents to keep their toddlers and kids engaged in a play way method.

Kindly share your views on same if it would be helpful.





Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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