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Ways To Help Our Kids Connect With Nature

by Divya Jain 21 Jun 2021 2 Comments
Ways To Help Our Kids Connect With Nature


We all are living in times where conserving our environment, protecting our planet which is home to all of us is extremely essential.  Since the pandemic hit ,we have got time to stop and look around us, to see our environment and the damages we have done to our planet. There is one  question which is constantly popping up in my mind is what are we doing? What kind of future life are we building for our kids?

So, what can we do on our part to protect our environment and how can we educate our kids to protect our Mother Earth.

While pondering about all this ,I just thought why not start connecting kids to nature. Here, I'm sharing what we did in order to keep our daughter close to nature and make her aware about her environmental surroundings. 

Nature Walk: We all have been listening to our ancestors. Walking is the best exercise. We try to take our daughter out for a walk in the park whenever possible. There she enjoys looking and finding small small Nature Treasures like small twigs fallen from the tree, fallen leaves, sometime she gets to see ladybug or any other nature's creation. And trust me ,the kind of excitement she has ,the way her eyes start twinkling while looking all this has prompt us  to observe nature like her. We have started looking at these tiny creatures and the nature the way she observes. So, Nature Walk can be the best thing we can provide to our kids.

Playing in the sand: All kids love outdoor playtime. And the magic outdoor play does to our kids is amazing. No toy can give the happiness they get from playing out in nature. Outdoor playtime not only makes them physically strong but it is essential for their mental wellbeing as well. Playing in the sand makes them closer to nature. This develops their motor skills, strengthens their muscles and also get closer to nature.

Planting Trees: I made my daughter to do it at home itself. We both planted the seeds available from our kitchen in our little pots. Now she looks forward to every morning to water them and looking at the tiny seeds germinating to small tiny winy plants. The happiness of watching a seed growing into a plant is unmatched.

Conserving Resources: Teaching our kids to conserve every resource possible is very important. We told her to close the tap in between while brushing teeth, switching off the light when not in use and not wasting food once in the plate are some of the habits inculcated from our end.

Our generation was hardly aware of the environmental challenges of the future. And now the situation has reached its peak and it's high time to be aware and conserve the resources that we have by adopting small steps through our kids. We all can do this together if we keep sharing our views and ways with each other.

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Divya is a mother of 4year old, an Engineer by degree & took up baking as a profession out of her sheer passion. She loves writing as it allows her to share real time experiences with friends who are moms like her.. She decided to take this hobby to blogging & reach out moms of the world to exchange experiences and learn collectively in this journey.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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22 Jun 2021 Vandana Gupta

Wonderful thought. These are very simple but great ideas to make our kids understand the importance of nature and how to conserve and take care of the scarce resources. This will also help them to relate to the nature and develop love for it.

21 Jun 2021 Arati Naik

Wonderful blog. These are very simple but important solutions which can so easily be incorporated into a child’s life who lives in a city. Too good.

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