Want To Make This Lockdown Mother's Day Special? Know How

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Want To Make This Lockdown Mother's Day Special? Know How
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Mother's day is around the corner and I am sure you must be very excited about it. As we all are in a lockdown and things around us are not the same but that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate mother's day with pomp and show like every year. This blog is for all the kids to learn how they can make this mother's day a memorable one despite the ongoing pandemic. Younger kids can ask daddy dearest to help them out. So let's get started! 


Moms across the globe work really hard to ensure that their kids and other family members are well taken care of but this day they deserve all the pampering and care. I have shortlisted a few ways in which you can make your mom feel special on mother's day.


  1. Breakfast in bed: A yummy breakfast served in bed the moment your mom gets up will surely bring a smile on her face. You don't have to make something fancy but whatever you make just make sure it is made with lots of love. A handwritten note along with the breakfast platter will add to the charm. You can tell her why you love and respect her so much by penning down your thoughts in that note.  Also, just don't let her enter the kitchen that day. I am sure daddy and kids can manage to do cooking at least for one day. 


  1. Give her a massage: There is nothing more relaxing than getting a body massage. As all moms are working way too more during the lockdown, a nice massage will work wonders for them. You can light up candles and spray some essential oils to give your bedroom a look of a spa. Your mom will definitely feel rejuvenated after she gets a relaxing body massage from those tiny hands. You can also ask your dad to help you. 


  1. Make a photo collage: As all shops are closed due to lockdown, it won't be possible for you to get a gift for your mom but you can always go for a DIY gift. I really like the idea of a photo collage. All you need to do is get some old pictures and other stuff which have sentimental value for your mom and make a collage. You can embellish your collage by adding ribbons, stickers and patterned paper to add that sparkle to your creation.


  1. Bake her some goodies: Desserts can make everyone happy. It would be great if kids with help of their daddy can bake some goodies for their mom. From cake, cookies, muffins to granola bars; you can make just anything. You can easily find recipes of these goodies online. 


Now that you know all the ways to make this mother's day special, go ahead make it a memorable one for your mom. I am sure she will cherish this special celebration for years to come. 



Urvashi Newar



Urvashi Newar has a great passion for writing. She has been into this line for almost 7 years. Mom to a 3 year old girl, she loves penning down her thoughts on motherhood. She believes in sharing her motherhood journey to help new mothers. 





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