Voice Against Body Shaming

Voice Against Body Shaming
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Can’t a woman just be beautiful? #VoiceAgainstBodyShaming


My brother’s wedding was the perfect time for all my family members to gather after a long time. Such gatherings are full of fun and happiness. They take you down the memory lane when without any worries we lived a life of a free bird.  

But sometimes in such crowd of your own people you find yourself perplexed. All of a sudden you find you are badly stuck in swamp and if you don’t try to pull yourself out with whole strength, there’s no chance that you can ever make your way out of it. I realised this when unknowingly or may be knowingly I became part of such scenarios being a silent spectator.

I witnessed beautiful women in each one of them but realised most of them were trying to gang shame someone or other.

For them if someone was fat, they bluntly told, “aap bahut mote ho yaar, aapke uppar ye dress suit nahin hoga” ( You are too fat to carry out this dress ).

“ Yaar, itni dark skin hai, bleach facial to karana tha” ( should have gone for facial and bleach ).

“ Ab aap par aisi sarees nahin suit karti, budhi ho gayi ho yaar.” ( Such bright colours don’t suit for your age )

And many many such comments which can make anyone feel socially unacceptable.


The question is why a woman is fat, dark, tall, short, old , young, thin, skeleton etc but never beautiful ?

Why is it so?  And the most horrible thing is to witness these body, face and age shaming remarks for women by women themselves.

We ourselves can put a stop to every such negative belief and comment by immediately responding and stopping them right away. There’s a lot that can be told to make someone feel good, feel important and loved rather than making them feel unwanted and miserable all the time.

A woman may be over weight but she is carrying herself well in front of everyone and trying to feel happy in her skin because she learned to be like this after a long mental and physical turmoil she went in past.

She has started loving herself since she realised her strength. So before you call her fleshy, moti or over weight, just keep in mind you haven’t even stepped the path She just crossed successfully.

Her skin shade might be darker than yours but she confidently carries it through. She  feels her best to be in it because that’s not the part of her identity or personality. Her skin tone doesn’t define her knowledge, She is beautiful because she feels confident within.

You may define age in numbers but for her the day she discovered herself was the day she was truly born. She will wear everything that she feels right and suits her. She wears clothes to make herself feel happy and joyful not at all for others.


So please if you feel she shouldn’t do it as per her age then surely don’t do that for self once you reach her age. Age is unstoppable and sooner or later each one of us will turn old but then again it’s how you want to live at every stage of life should be completely an individual’s point of view. What a person wants to wear or what she thinks suits her, what she always wanted to wear but couldn’t do it at young age and wants to try it at the age she is in, she has complete freedom to decide about her life.

Each and every woman is beautiful and confidently carries herself the way she wants against any skin tone, body shape or age. So next time someone tries to put a woman down by these harsh and body shaming words, try to take a stand for them as each one of us is just beautiful and different.






Sarita Shukla

Sarita Shukla is a Graduate in Microbiology and MBA in HR, currently staying in Navi Mumbai. She is a proud Homemaker and mom to two naughty, cute little boys. Writing is her passion and blogging gave her a wonderful way to fulfil it. She writes Quotes, Captions, short stories and blogs right from her personal experiences, current topics, to the stories. Many of her stories won on various online platforms. She is a passionate writer and reader.



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