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Understanding & Helping An Introverted Child

Acceptance of any issues makes your child confident. He feels safe and secure with you, never let him down by showing...

Understanding An Introverted Child
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A happier and expressive child is loved by everyone. We want that our child should be socially active in today’s society. There is no space for hesitation in today’s world. But what will you do if your child hesitates? If he is reserved by nature. If your child won't want to play or involve eagerly with other children of his group. If he wants to spend more time alone, he wants to do the solitary type of work like painting, reading. This type of behavior is known as an introvert.

No problem, accept your child by heart after all you are his parents. Acceptance of any issues makes your child confident. He feels safe and secure with you, never let him down by showing his weakness. I can understand that it’s not an easy task for extroverted parents to accept their introverted child. But you have to be, only then you can understand child. You can’t change anyone’s nature but you can add few more qualities to your child. Being an introvert is not any disorder or a big problem. It’s simply the nature of your child with which your child is born. Given below are some ways through which you can help this nature:

  • Acceptance: As I told you earlier that accept your child as he is, this acceptance develops confidence in your child and there is nothing shameful to being introvert. So accept each like and dislikes of your child too. By doing this you better understand your child’s preferences.
  • Encourage: encourage or boost up is key for better performance. Take your example how do you feel if you cook something and the person who tastes said “Wow”. The same thing happens with your child always encourage him to participate in any social activity either in school or any other area. Use few sentences like “you did well”,” you speak so confidently” and those words which cheer your child.
  • Freedom: let him provide some freedom to do what he wants to do. Sometimes such type of behavior also generates a feeling of independence. Always show him positive results. Like if your child won't want to go to his friend’s birthday party, let him free to take such decisions and realize that you respect his decisions. On the other hand, tell him the positive aspect of that party that initially you afraid to involve in such party but at last, you will make friends. But don’t force him to go just suggest to him, it will work, he wants to attend that function.
  • Interference: If you are the parents of an introverted child then your interference is necessary for his better development. Be the part of his friends, school friends and his other classes too. Introduce your child to other children and his teachers. You must know that what is going on in his life.

At last, be aware of your child’s need. You must know that at what time your child will need your help because your child never asks for any help. Always respect your child’s temperament. One thing I must say about introverted children is these types of children are so thoughtful, imaginative, and focused on their aim. They are a treasure so adore them.


Rashmi Bajpai
Rashmi Bajpai is a mother of two lovely kids, Achintya (age 10 yrs) & Shivansh (age 2 yrs). She has worked as a software engineer, Now she is giving her time to her kids and also fulfilling her dreams in writing poems & blogs. She is working as an author with WeTalk group. She loves to share her experience & knowledge by writing.

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