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Top 5 Tips For a Healthy and Happy Pregnancy!

by Guest Blog 18 Jul 2019 0 Comments

Blog Submitted by Nivedita Jain

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

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“Yes!! You are pregnant!! Congratulations!!”

It was the best day of my Life when I heard these words from my Doctor. I and my husband had been planning for a family since past few months and I was eagerly waiting for this day. When the Doctor broke me this news, I was speechless and asked her “Reaalllyyy??” The tears of happiness gushed from my eyes when she confirmed the news to me and that’s how new chapter of my Life began.

During this journey of Pregnancy, I followed certain things which held prime importance to me and were really beneficial for me and my child.

The Top 5 things that might be helpful during your pregnancy are as follows:


  1. Remain active physically - Walk/Yoga:

Being active during this phase is of utmost importance for you and your baby. During my pregnancy, I used to walk one hour daily and do Yoga as advised by my doctor for about half an hour daily. It really helped me remain fit and energetic for the entire day. It also helped in reducing stress and anxiety (that is quite common in this phase). It also helps you in having a shorter and easier labour period.


  1. Maintain good eating habits:

The growth of your baby depends on the food you eat! During pregnancy, a healthy diet holds vital role for you and more importantly for your child. Your diet should include lots of green vegetables, fruits (except Papaya and Pineapple) and pulses. I used to eat almonds (soaked overnight) first thing in the morning as it is good for baby’s brain development. I also used to drink Coconut water daily as it is nutritious, refreshing and helped me in relieving morning sickness. I was also advised to eat dates (5-6 a day) as it comes with a bundle of benefits viz it provides you with a lot of energy and its fibre is good for your digestive system which helps in relieving constipation. I used to drink milk twice a day and said goodbye to coffee in the last trimester (because it causes Insomnia). These are some basic, simple to follow but very important eating habits that should be incorporated during your pregnancy (Do consult your doctor).


  1. Selecting the right Gynaecologist:

During your pregnancy, the most significant role is of a Gynaecologist and that’s why choosing the right one is very important. Your doctor should be the one whom you can trust completely. After consulting multiple friends/relatives and meeting at least 3-4 doctors, I finally chose my Gynaec considering the following points:

  • She patiently heard my problems and queries and gave me enough time on every visit.
  • She never scared me if I felt any issue in my health and provided home remedies for the same.
  • She always motivated me to be a strong woman and imbibed faith in me for normal delivery.

Choosing the best Hospital is secondary, choosing the right Doctor is primary!

Your Gynaec need not necessarily be famous but she/he should be the one who you can completely rely on, who doesn’t cause panic and one who keeps motivating you.


  1. Spend less time on-screen:

There are lot of digital devices on which you can hook-up, spend time and pass those monotonous hours especially during last trimester but they only make you dull and less productive.

I had consciously reduced my on screen time and rather spent time reading books related to pregnancy and always listened to soft and soothing music. I took up mandala art to utilise my time and to drive away my mind from anxiety and stress. These were some productive steps that I took to calm my mind and soul during pregnancy.


  1. Establish bond with the baby:


The most important thing is to build a strong bond with your baby. You can establish a strong bond with your baby even before it comes in your arms and this bond is made right from the first day of your pregnancy. 
You should talk with your baby and tell him/her about every small thing that you do in your daily routine. A child starts learning everything even when it’s in the womb. So, always read good books/articles/blogs, talk nice things, never watch violent shows and always keep your mind calm and peaceful.

These simple things play a very important role during your pregnancy and they helped me immensely during mine. Ultimately, it’s your child who would benefit from your healthy and happy pregnancy!!

So mommies, Swasth raho, Vyast raho aur Mast raho !!

Do let me know if any of these points helped you during your pregnancy

Nivedita JainNivedita Jain is a freelance website developer who develops and maintains websites for her Clients. She is now a full-time Mom of a 4 month old Baby Boy, Nivaan! You can connect with her on her Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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