To Become A Parent Or To Just Remain A Couple?

To Become A Parent Or To Just Remain A Couple?
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Ria was a successful professional who touched her 40 and has been married for 10 long years. She and her husband Viraj had a healthy relationship and were cherishing their married life. Both were exceptionally successful in their career. Frequent foreign trips, promotion and luxurious life were what they have aspired for. They both were so occupied in their respective careers that they had never thought of getting involved in parenthood.

Ria and Viraj had tried talking to each other but never got the impulse from the heart to move for the added responsibility. While, they were delighted and amicable but the society, friends and family were not.

Wherever the couple went they both had to encounter the criticism from the family and relatives, ended with the list of solutions to the problem. Right from the top doctors to consult to the miraculous home remedies to conceive the child was a keen discussion among society. Ria knew that becoming a parent was probably the best blessing anyone could have but she was not mentally ready for it. She was happy with the life she was leading with Viraj. They had decided to not to have a child unless they aspire to have it.

Let's discuss!

Was Ria wrong in her decision of not having a child??

Practically thinking having a child should be your choice and not force. Do not have a child if,

1.You have been married for long years and you are dreading of ' Log kya kahenge '. Dear parent, society will keep words for every right or the wrong thing. The fact is you have not married to only get kids. Marriage has a much broader perception.

2.You are scared of being tagged as ' Banjh '. People will anyway tag you a careless mother if you don't groom your child well. So, delivering a child is not the role of motherhood rather you have to mentally and physically involved divinely with it.

3.Your parents or inlaws wanted to have their grandchild. A grandchild will give them happiness but raising the child is your responsibility which you need to do wholeheartedly. So don't enforce yourself on fulfilling others desires. Having a child should primarily be your happiness.

4.Your friends have children and they are pushing you to join a mommy's club. This decision is beyond all these fantasies.

5.You get little excited to have a luxury of maternity leave and work from home options. Sometimes you just want to go offbeat from your work and hence decide to have a family is not an ideal decision.

Be positive before having a child as it is an enormous responsibility backed by lots of devotion and patience. Once you become a parent you have to do distinct adjustment towards your career and personal life.

On the same side, having a child is full of blessing. Your family gets complete and your house will be a mansion of giggles, love and fun all around. Though you will be having an occupied roaster without it, you feel your life is not worthy.  Motherhood or parenthood should always be a matter of choice and once you decide then it will bring immense joy in your life. If you aren't mentally prepared or opt for it by force you will not be able to do justice with yourself and the one who is coming to your world. Parenting is always a bliss if you deliberately want it!!



Sagarika Sahoo

Sagarika Sahoo has done Masters in Finance and Masters in commerce and pursued her career as a lecturer. She had short term experience in IT companies as a finance professional as well. She is now a full-time mother of two adorable children and invests her time in writing blogs, quotes, poems, captions in various platforms. Writing is a passion for her and a companion to share her thoughts. She writes more about inspirational & motherhood related topics.


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