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Tips on Planning Second Pregnancy

Are you planning on having a second baby? If yes, then there are some factors that you need to take into consideration...


Are you planning on having a second baby? If yes, then there are some factors that you need to take into consideration.

Things to keep in mind

Age gap A 2018 study published in the JAMA International Medicine journal revealed that, if there is a gap of less than 12 months between the first baby and the second conception, it can have ill-effects on the new mother's health. It can also cause preterm baby delivery.

💛Pro Tip: You should wait for at least 12-18 months before choosing to conceive again.Before that may put you & your baby at risk.

Financial Stability

Expenses are doubled when you plan 1 for a second child. It is necessary to check financial condition as besides the prenatal and postnatal expenses, you need to keep a reserve for your baby's education, among other things. Hence, it is financially prudent to plan a little ahead.


Remember to assess your house to understand if it can accommodate another baby. You also need to decide where to store the baby gears, diapers, and other things for both your babies.

Helping hand

When you get pregnant for the second time, you would need a helping hand to take care of your first baby. If you don't live with parents, you may have to hire a babysitter or get a full-time nanny who can take care of you and your baby.


If you had a cesarean delivery (c-section) for previous pregnancy, doctors suggest not to repeat the process for at least two years as your body needs specific periods of time to heal itself from vaginal can go for second pregnancy once you are body ready. The process of planning for your second baby might seem strenuous at first but it has its own benefits, i.e. your babies learn the importance of caring and sharing. And once these factors are checked, planning for a second baby will actually feel awesome.

Age gap

While planning your second pregnancy, Your first child also comes into equation so if u want your siblings to be playmates keep a smaller age gap. If both your children have an age gap above 3 years, you will able to devote time,extra care and attention to both your children.


Your Second child may bring a temporary pause in your career while u have to devote time for new born. However it is a temporary pause, with proper planning and management you can be a happy working mom.

Father's age

Your partners age is also consider as an important factor as at a particular age there is decrease in quality of sperm.

Physical health

Last but not the least while considering for your second pregnancy it is very important for a person should be on balanced diet, healthy weight , physically sound, . Because a healthy mom gives birth to a healthy baby.

Preparing yourself for second pregnancy

Monitor Yourself under health professionals guidance. It is very important to have regular check-ups with your doctor once you and your partner decide to have second baby.

Keep a check on your menstrual cycle

Keep a record of your menstrual cycle. Even if you don't use contraceptive pills, a missed period doesn't always means that u are pregnant.

Figure out best time to become pregnant

You can always plan for your second child before your late thirties, as it is recommended that late pregnancy creates complications.

Raising two kids is twice the effort. However, the rewards are twice as good, and many families are happy that they have two children instead of one.


Pooja Shah is a post graduate in economics and worked as a teacher in a reputed institution for almost 5 years. She is a mother of two kids, she is an avid reader and carries passion for writing.

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