Tips For Travelling With Toddlers During Covid-19

Tips For Travelling With Toddlers During Covid-19


The last thing you want to do these days is exposing yourself to the deadly virus by going on a long-distance journey with your two-year-old. We are all trying to survive without having to visit a hospital. But when there's a strong calling, you go by taking all the necessary precautions.

Toddlers are a different breed altogether. So if you think you can deal with them with a stare and some threatening, well, you are mistaken.

Here are a few tips to sail through the journey peacefully with the toddler.

  1. Travel light

Forego that motherly urge to pack anything and everything just because you feel it might come in handy. With a toddler, it's hard to even think of travelling light. But, our priority is to reach the destination without getting sick. Whichever mode of travel you use pack minimal stuff. Along with your toddler, one suitcase and one handbag, that should be it. Fewer bags mean less space for the virus to occupy.

  1. Limit eating to keep the masks on

You read it right. While on the road or air, limit eating and drinking so that you don't have to remove the mask often. Make yourself and your family eat a full meal before the travel. If you can avoid eating on a plane, that's the best.

  1. Spray like a warrior and pray like Daniel

While travelling, I was rhythmically spraying sanitiser all over, ahead of time, at places where the toddler set to sit, touch or smooch(yeah, toddler.)

Have you ever heard of Daniel's story? He was thrown to Lion's den as the death penalty. He prayed so hard to God for his life. The next morning he was found without any scratches. After taking all the precautions, the only next thing to do is pray for you and the family to reach safely.

  1. Wear P.P.E suits to be extra sure

If the weather permits, buy P.P.P kits for you and the toddler. Wearing a P.P.E suit will leave mama bear at ease and peace. You will have to come up with some tricky way to make the toddler stay on wearing it. If you don't get one, ensure to double mask, wear gloves and make do with use and throw loose overalls for the toddler.

  1. Download their favourite songs and poems

Favourite songs and videos can keep them still on a plane. Keep the favourite toy too with you. It will help you handle and overcome the tantrums to a great extent.

  1. If flying, do web check-in, install the Arogya Setuapp and all the other travel instructions given by the government.
  2. Practice your little one wearing the mask at home.
  3. Apart from hand sanitisers and extra masks, carry wet wipes and muslin cloth to clean.
  4. Last but not the least, avoid travelling at any cost. If it is inevitable, make sure you are abiding by all the precautionary measures without fail.

To the anxious mothers out there, it is hard to travel with a toddler at these unprecedented times, but it is not all undoable. Having done long distant travel thrice already in the last six months with a toddler, I can assure you that if you stick to the rules, you can keep the virus at bay.

Safe and happy travels!!!


Ann is a freelance writer, a travel blogger and most importantly a mother of two kids. Married to an Army officer, when she is not travelling or hosting or attending parties, we would find her sitting with her daily journal and a cup of tea. 


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