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The Ultimate 6 Point Checklist To Make Baby Travel Easy

Travel with a baby – perhaps the most daunting task or even nightmare for most new moms.However, proper planning can create wonders and establish a beautiful experience for you and...

The Ultimate 6 Point Checklist To Make Baby Travel Easy

Travel with a baby – perhaps the most daunting task or even nightmare for most new moms. Maybe for even not-so-new moms as well! Our worst fears are confronted particularly in road travel – feeding challenges, baby tantrums, never-ending bawling, soiled diapers with no comfortable method for change and disposal, and a constricted environment that makes it even harder to put the baby to sleep. Overall, a fussy baby throughout the journey makes us question the decision to even take up travel in the first place!

However, proper planning can create wonders and establish a beautiful experience for you and your baby. Here is a list of things that you should check off to prepare for your road travel.

  • Feeding Gear

Irrespective of whether your baby is exclusively breastfed, mixed-fed, bottle-fed or even solid-fed, preparation for feeding during travel is vital. As we always know, hunger is the most common reason for an irritable baby and something that we always need to address instantly.

  • If you are exclusively breastfeeding your baby, make sure you are definitely ready to feed him in the vehicle, which means having a feeding cover ready if you aren’t very comfortable with onlookers. A swaddle cloth or blanket would even fulfil the same purpose. Also, make sure your feeding pillow (if you use one and are very comfortable with it) is readily accessible and near you in the vehicle. Personally, breastfeeding in the car is a lot easier than what it looks like and the easiest, quickest way to feed your baby in a moving vehicle
  • If your baby is formula-fed / mixed-fed, ensure to have
    • One bottle with formula solution mixed and ready just before leaving so that the first feed can be relaxed and hassle-free. Most diaper bags have a thermal pouch where you can keep the formula solution warm for a few hours.
    • Formula powder packed and ready for a couple of feeds depending on your travel duration. A formula travel box is a life-saver that helps you to quickly mix formula into the bottle without the challenging feat of taking spoon by spoon, measuring and dropping the same into the bottle, all while handling a yelling baby in a moving vehicle. 
    • A flask with hot water to use in the formula mix. Compact travel flasks are available, making easy to carry the same. 
    • Sterilised bottles and nipples
  • If your baby has started feeding on solids, make sure to have the meals prepared and stored in thermal/hot packs with sterilised spoons
  • For any feed, bibs and soft cloths are a must, so ensure plenty are readily available during and after feeds.
  • Diaper Change Essentials

It is essential to have diaper change items handy, as there are bound to be soiled diapers for sure! Having a separate pouch for just diaper change items really helps! Ensure to have

  • Fresh diapers (the number depends on the duration of travel). Five to six diapers for six-hour travel is a conservative number and usually is more than needed
  • Baby wipes
  • Rubber Sheet
  • Disposable sheets
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Garbage disposal bags to properly dispose of soiled diapers,

In the pouch and easily accessible by you

  • Travel Bed / Car Seat

If you are comfortable holding your baby upright or on your arms/in your lap for long hours – nothing like it! If not, the best solution is a compact travel bed that can stretch for about half a car seat. It worked like magic for me!

If your baby is comfortable in a car seat, ensure to have it installed and ready.

  • Entertainment Equipment

Keeping a baby entertained even in normal circumstances is no easy feat and is a must during the trip. Ensure to have easy-to-carry toys readily available to entertain/distract your baby during travel. Small toys generating sound and light, crinkly books, squishies are best to carry.

  • Change of clothes and Warm Wear

Having at least one to two sets of clothing change is essential, if there is a pee/poop misfire or spilling during feeds. Also, ensure to pack blankets, socks, caps to help your baby feel comfortable in cold weather or air conditioner temperature.

  • Baby Bag

Invest in a good, durable baby bag with sufficient storage space, multiple pouches and thermal provisions. It is definitely worth it! Get It Here

Overall, travelling is a fantastic experience and a must-do for both you and your baby. Apart from being a great way to bond with your baby, it provides unbelievable confidence. If you’ve handled a baby in a moving vehicle for a couple of hours, you can basically do anything! So, wait no more! Use the checklist above, start packing and travel away!




Kavya Bhaskar is a Chartered Accountant. She Currently works for a foreign bank and has over six years of experience in third party risk management. She has also handled process re-engineering and project management for the same business. Kavya is artistic and has been trained in classical music, dance as well as drawing. She is recently into digital Mandala art and doodling. Kavya has always been a passionate writer and orator.She believes that the best gift for writing is when readers are able to relate, understand and enjoy. Her motto is “Learn and Create everyday!”

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