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The Right Belief System For Your Child's Happy Life

by Simmi Bhatnagar 24 Mar 2021 5 Comments

Motherhood is the most awaited period for almost every woman. I said 'almost' because some of them feel unprepared for the challenges that this journey has to offer. 

Motherhood is an ecstatic journey with its ups and downs. However, if we can be prepared it can save us from a lot of hassle.

We all want our children to grow up to be happy, successful, motivated, and hope to see them handle every problem in life with ease. But the real problem arises when we have done the outer work and never bothered about the real inner work.

What is inner work? How does it affect our life?

Inner work is all about preparing your inner being to reflect the desired outer reality.

Well, our life runs on our subconscious programming. Outer reality is just the reflection of what's within. I am stating facts proven by metaphysics and the quantum world. Now, you might be wondering why am I talking about all this here. Are you? 

Like I said above, our life is governed by the programming of our mind. A child gets his programming done from the age of 0-6. Yes, this is what dictates your child’s life to a great level. This is the inner work you have to do - the right subconscious programming. 

How is the mind programming done?

 Our subconscious mind is like a sponge. It absorbs all that is heard, seen, or felt. These absorptions become beliefs after repetition. For example, if a child is quite often told that he is stupid, his subconscious will make it a belief and it will be reflected in his outer reality. He may not know that why everyone calls him stupid, or why he is unable to understand things and gets the tag of stupidity.

A mother's unconscious programming of her child

I'll share one of my neighbor's examples, without sharing the names for obvious reasons. 

So, my neighbor has a beautiful daughter of 11. This lady used to compare her child's capabilities with other kids of her age. She would panic and tell the whole world that her daughter cannot do cycling when all other kids of her age can easily do that. 

These were her everyday statements. She would always affirm things like that. 

Now, how has it affected the girl's life?

Her daughter is pretty good at academics and other activities, but she is unhappy. Her subconscious mind doesn't let her see her talents and capabilities. She always tells me, (I am her teacher) that she feels she is not like other children as they can do things which she can't do and this makes her feel unworthy. 

Do you want this to happen to your child?

I am sure none of you want that for your child.

I want to reaffirm - do the inner work, right way. It is mandatory to teach them all about outer reality but it is even more crucial to do the right programming.


  1.  Try to not use negative statements. Delete your negative dictionary. Catch yourself in that moment and change it into a positive statement. 
  2. Remember that whatever the subconscious hears, sees, or feels, it gets programmed as a belief and beliefs create reality. Plant good intentions and beliefs in your child. 
  3.  Affirmations are a great way to program your mind. Speak positive statements to your child like, “you are beautiful and worthy.”

When they learn to speak, let them speak positive things about themselves daily. 

  1. They must be kept away from cartoons or movies that promote anger, fights, unworthy feeling, body-shaming, etc.
  2. Keep them mentally prepared to believe in their affirmations rather than believing others. For example, always tell them that they are beautiful and they should believe it.

Build the right belief system

Children trust and believe easily. It is at this age that we can build the right beliefs. Once these beliefs are formed, it will be harder for any outer factor to break that wall.

Parenting is all about preparing them to meet the real 3d world. The real step is to start preparing them from the inside.  A solid inner version will face the world far easier than the one who has the wrong, negative, unsupportive inner child programming.

Mommies, are you ready to put some inner work? I’m sure, you’ll create a happy life for your child.


Simmi Bhatnagar is an author, a teacher, a storyteller, a poet, and a content writer.  Apart from writing, she is an avid reader. She believes that life is too short to learn what the universe has to offer. She wishes to help the world by applying the wisdom of the universe. You can connect with her on Facebook or e-mail her :

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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24 Mar 2021 Mona

Abslutely amazing. No one could have felt n written d way u do. U r d best Simmi and Im a huge fan of urz

24 Mar 2021 Simmi Bhatnagar

Thank you for reading. :)

24 Mar 2021 Neha Agarwal



Good and knowledgeable, keep guiding us.

24 Mar 2021 Varsha rai

Nice nd usefull. Thank u sharing ur thaughts.

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