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The Essence Of Motherhood

by Yukta Ratnani 22 Jun 2020 0 Comments

The Essence Of Motherhood

Photo by Jordan Rowland on Unsplash

Motherhood is a big Roller Coaster ride which comes with the mountain of responsibilities but is actually worth living. It's a divine feeling which can only be felt,a joy which gives meaning to life.

The expectancy is now over with the new type of nervousness, flood of emotions, enthusiasm for the future sets in. Little baby brings in new adventures and the light of hope for mom everyday which she feels she had never expected. Even if you try to put all your efforts but still you fail at times, feeling lost somewhere, tired, exhausted,awaiting for some help.These baby blues are the way of gaining inner strength.It often goes away when mothers eat healthy, rest well, have someone around for help and getting emotional support. However, if it this grows beyond certain level, it could be the sign of postpartum depression that needs to be taken care of. If these conditions are not treated  in time, then there are chances of the mother-baby bond which may not develop as a secure bond.In some worst cases this may lead to risk to baby with learning delays, trouble expressing emotions, mental issues,etc.Making sense to Motherhood and wide range of feelings can be challenging.

In the midst of all these pleasures and pains, there are few constant and scary topics in the lives of each new mom.

1) Breastfeeding.``Is my baby getting enough milk supply", "Am I feeding properly", "Is my milk supply low", etc. all these questions go in the subconscious minds of new moms. Believe me - this is normal. It may take some time to develop the steady supply, but both mom and baby will get use to nursing method.Though there are certain reasons where a mother is not able to breastfeed her child.Believe in yourself, allow time and trust your body and baby's cues.Bonding is a growing process, which does not happen immediately, but will surely blossom with the time.

2) The second common concern is to understand your baby's cry. Random thoughts to interpret your baby's cry - "is my baby hungry", "is my child wet", "is my baby sleepy", etc. So many reasons to quiz yourself. The life of mother would be so easier if at all baby could start talking from day one.Study reveals that there is a meaning associated with the baby's sound like "neh" means baby is hungry, "owh" means baby is sleepy, "eair" means baby is gassy,and so on. But all these things become easy to understand as and when a mother understands her child's pattern of living.

3) Need a "ME" time - Leisure time like "dinner date","coffee time","salon appointments","shopping","sound sleep" are gone immediately after the arrival of the little baby bum. You don't feel like yourself.The realistic answer would be "You will NEVER really become yourself again".There will be an enhanced version of you who is gonna take care about every decision you make about your child to make him happy and healthy. Though you may find a little time about yourself, that too will come with an additional cost to it.

4) What should I do to connect more with my baby - The more you put your efforts in taking care, the more you feel "doing less" about it. The mother's love is so sacred and unconditional that she tries to forget about herself and make everything else a priority over it. The purpose of the moment is to grow the little human and make decisions for that little baby. Don't expect your baby to grow up and fulfil your dreams and desires. Instead make that kid understand the things on their own and take decisions for them in which they feel encouraged.Allow them to grow in their space and blossom.

The Mother's mind is as vast as the ocean , raising doubts and concerns about each and everything - they think, do or perceive about their child. The list will go on and on. Make a note of one thought always in your mind is "Be yourself & Believe in yourself"

Mommies please take care of yourself. Pay attention to the new growing family but not at the cost of your own health. Motherhood is the platform of growing and building our emotional intelligence.You are the utmost important part of your family.And we never realize our inner power to overcome such a huge bundle of responsibility with our enormous strength which we get when we see our little soul smiling. A smile that brightens our face, we get sunk into the moment and we cherish our sacred bond shared with our baby.


Yukta RataniYukta is a mother to a seven month adorable baby boy that keeps her busy. Serving as Senior Business Analyst by profession working full time in a leading MNC. She deals with human physocology serving as Graphologist, Drawing and Color Analyst. Yukta is also into making organic Skincare and Haircare products certified from the UK based School of Natural Skincare. She enjoys the challenges and keeps increasing her learning curve. She loves painting, baking, reading, cooking and crafting. Yukta loves watching series like Suits (in love with Gabriel Macht), Friends in her leisure time. At times energetic and rarely lazy.

















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