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The Beauty Of Creating Life

We are blessed with many tiny miracles each day. It just takes a few minutes to acknowledge them. We need to admire and respect life in all its forms. It...


Life is just so precious. We are blessed with many tiny miracles each day. It just takes a few minutes to acknowledge them. We need to admire and respect life in all its forms. It teaches us a million things and it depends upon us how much we learn from it. One of the many miracles we see is that of being a mother. This blessing is the most precious one on this planet as it completes a girl/woman. 

A good turn : Congratulations! Our life takes a beautiful turn when we realize that the creator has chosen us to create a life inside us. Gratitude blossomed completely. Becoming a mother is one of the best gifts from Mother Nature. Understanding and admiring this miraculous gift is a wonder in itself. Our life, body and thoughts take a complete 360 degree turn in this process. 

Gratitude towards the Supreme power: It requires immense gratitude to thank God for blessing us with this priceless gift inside us. Prayers become more powerful when they are recited from a pure heart. It is said that when our heart is pure, our intentions manifest quickly. For this happy manifestation of our pure intention, a big ‘Thank you’ to our Almighty marks the beginning of this beautiful journey ahead. The creator’s confidence in us empowers us to blossom completely as a would-be mother (WBM) in months to come.

More grateful to your parents: No matter what, we are always happy and thankful for what our parents do for us. But there comes a phase in our life when we really connect with our nature and become thoughtful of the pure deeds and actions of our parents who have brought us up. Their upbringing has shaped our personality in a great way. In this very phase, the late nights remind us of how they took care of us when we were small. I still remember calling up my mother with teary eyes just to say a big thank you for all that she has done for me and calling up my father in the morning to convey the same. The beauty, sacrifice and responsibility of our parents is better understood now. 

Time to get in touch with your soul: This is the best time to get in touch with ourselves. There won’t be a day in our life when we understand our bodies completely even if we belong to a science background.  I believe there is great power inside us. Mother Nature has its own beautiful role to play here. If we keep analyzing our body and emotions, we are sure to get tired at  some moment. When we sit with our eyes closed and touch our belly, we tap a source of energy that earlier we were unaware of. This little baby is a precious gift from God. Gifting us an angel is in God’s hands but creating a virtuous baby is in our hands. This is the reason why garbh sanskar is very popular these days. It includes uplifting and motivational talks, spiritual knowledge, songs and meditations.

Welcome to a healthier version of yourself: The first trimester is not very smooth for all as it prepares our body to be strong and healthy. The changes in our body aren’t admired at that time because many WBMs would feel nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness, weakness and irritability. It is challenging for many WBMs. The second trimester which is also called the honeymoon period of pregnancy or the baby moon is comparatively smoother for them. The appetite gets better and a feel good factor sets in. A healthy way of eating makes all the difference here. The right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals falls into place. The third trimester brings a lot of anxiety and fear but it is treatable with a good diet and happy mood. It is very important to consult a good gynecologist and take proper supplements from day 1. What to eat and what not to eat is the biggest question in front of every WBM. Hence, she is brave enough to take the right decisions.

De-stressing yourself becomes a priority: Well we all know that stress and happiness don’t walk hand in hand. But we all get stressed at some point of time. Little things bother us a lot. It isn’t beneficial for anyone’s health. A WBM needs to pay special attention to her thoughts and lifestyle. She has to figure out various ways to destress her mind and body. Some of the common ways can be reading holy scriptures, nature walk, listening to soothing music, spiritual songs and knowledge sessions. Waving your hand at stress and saying goodbye does wonders. Surrender is the key to let God's magic take over. Trust and patience in this magician holds great importance. 

So, dear readers and all the WBMs,

I congratulate you for moving on this journey with a lot of confidence and faith. Wishing good health and happiness for all of you. I pray you create a virtuous and healthy baby. But remember you are just a medium, the creator is working day and night to give you nothing but the best ! We aren’t the doer. Working without doership is an art. Let us master this art and trust the creator. His ways of giving us happiness in a million forms is magical and beyond words. 

Happy Motherhood ! 


Sakshi Dua Phutela is a post graduate in Economics Honors from the Department of Economics, Panjab University, Chandigarh. She is a 'work at home' mother, lifestyle blogger and a creative artist. Her curiosity to learn more keeps her enthusiasm alive. She has great interest in writing and enhancing her vocabulary. You can read more of her poems, articles and blogs on her Facebook page ‘Thesingingletters’
Insta handle: Sakshi.phutela22 

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