Teething In Babies & Tips To Ease The Pain

Teething In Babies & Tips To Ease The Pain


Teething is a difficult phase in babies during their milestone stage and unfortunately, they have to go through this phase with no substitute. Whenever a tooth is going to erupt, babies face numerous problems and sometimes it can make them physically weak. Although, it all depends upon babies as each and every baby is unique in its own way. 

Some babies cut their teeth around 3-4 months and some babies even take a year. However, in some babies this phase does not create any hurdles in their milestone stage and without any problems the teeth erupt.

Here I would like to elaborate the symptoms of tooth emerging:

Drooling: This happens whenever a tooth is going to appear, the saliva increases and it keeps on drooling from babies mouth and this can be a concern for sore chin. Besides the chin, even skin becomes red around the mouth.

Grabbing things in mouth: Apart from drooling, babies tend to put everything in their mouth and it can lead to anything hence, it is better to take care of those objects lying on the floor as sometimes kids can get choked by putting small things in their mouth.

Irritation: Due to teething babies become fussy and cranky which sometimes results in not having their food. They tend to refuse food due to crankiness. They always feel like they keep gnawing on some or the other thing. Hence, sometimes they are left with gnawing fingers in their mouths.

Diarrhoea: This happens, since babies grab things in their mouth which leads to infection in the stomach, resulting in passing loose stools. Not only this, they even suffer with mild fever which takes almost 3-4days of time to recover.

Cold: They can even suffer from cold i.e. runny nose as they do keep chewing on things, which ends up in increase in saliva that drools from mouth and which in turns wet their clothes (the upper portion) hence, we must make sure that we are alert and should keep an eye on babies; reason behind is that, as soon as the upper portion of chest gets wet, so it can cause cold in babies.

Sleepless Night: Babies even suffer from sleeping and it can be during day or night time. Especially, they have sleepless nights, since during day time; they are often busy with some or the other thing and which does not affect them. However during night time they even awake from sleep with a sudden loud cry; besides this its get tough to settle them.

Swollen Gums: As they keep on putting things inside the mouth and keep on chewing. Due to this the gums inside the mouth gets swollen and even it appears as redness, which again is a cause of pain for them.

Home Remedies to Soothe:

TeetherWe can provide teethers to soothe babies from swollen gums and even teethers help them to get some relief. It will be best if the teether is frozen one. The teether can be kept for 2-3 hours in cold storage before giving it to babies to gnaw.


FeederHere we can provide feeders to babies by putting some fruit pieces in to eat so they can bite and chew them. By doing this; they will be getting relief from teething pain and as well as they will be absorbing the nutrients from fruits.


Cold cloth: We can move this cold cloth on their swollen gums with our finger which will help them to soothe their gums and relieve them from crankiness.

Cold vegetable sticks: Sometimes we can give them carrot, beetroot sticks to gnaw on, which will again give some relief. These are some useful remedies mentioned above, which helped me to keep my baby relieved from teething pain and swollen gums.


Toxic free toysBabies tend to take things in their mouth. Here if possible, we can provide them with toxic free toys where the material, colour of toys are non-toxic and at the same time they are harmless.


As a parent, we always keep seeking solutions for our tiny tots to assure that they are not suffering from even tiny complications. I hope this will be helpful for all the parents out there. Kindly share your thoughts on the same and even some remedies which you feel got skipped, hence; it will be an added advantage for babies.


Poonam Nanwani Shah has done graduation in commerce and was working as a customer care representative in automotive industry for almost 7years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, now she is pursuing her job towards them.

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