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Techniques for Happy Classroom

by Lakshmi Sakthi 11 Jul 2022 0 Comments


Photo by Mario Heller on Unsplash

The ultimate desire of every teacher is to create a happy classroom with cheerful children. Every child is unique in their behavior. The duty of the teacher is to understand the nature of each word coming to their class and satisfy their needs to make them happy. Managing and satisfying 30 children in a class is not an easy task for a teacher. A teacher is an admired leader of the class who follows vital techniques to make the class room vibrant and interesting. Let’s look at the techniques.

  • Kindness and support 
  • Children are too pampered at home and they expect the same at school too. Some children adapt quickly to the new environment, whereas few test the patience of the teachers by showing tantrums. The word kindness is the best medicine to deal with all kinds of children. As the child enters the campus, the teacher is the second mother to assist and support. Its best approach will help the children to gain confidence and feel secure in the school environment.

  • Celebrating the achievements
  • Every child is unique in different activities such as drawing, handwriting, reading, sports, singing, dancing and so on. The duty of the teacher is to encourage the participants and achievers by appreciating them, giving them a star in their hand, writing their names on the board and giving them a standing ovation. Although a simple gesture, it is a very thoughtful one that motivates other children to participate and make the class interactive.

  • Teaching methodology
  • The children come to school to learn academics as well as discipline. The effective way of teaching plays a vital role in a happy classroom. Giving continuous lectures makes the children feel bored and this also develops fear in their mind. Usage of enormous teaching aids with limited time of technology makes the children grasp the concept quickly and interestingly. Arranging the aids on the floor and asking questions randomly related to the topic increases the attention in the classroom. For instance, when you teach about leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, take them to the museum for a daytrip, when you teach them farming, have a small space to allow them to soil their hands and sow seeds.  This method of hands-on learning stimulates the children to come to school with excitement and enthusiasm.

  • Attention on black board and notice board at class
  • A normal class contains a blackboard in the front and noticeboard on the other 3 sides of the wall. The respective class teacher can draw a small picture at the corner of the blackboard everyday which makes the children have an eye after coming to school. A colorful wall is necessary for a happy classroom which consists of positive thoughts, subject related concepts and drawings which elevates the attention of children in class. For instance, from my personal experience, after a 2 years’ gap, kindergarten children age group between 2.5 to 3.5 years who were completely new to school atmosphere settled down quickly without much crying. This behavior amazed me as they identified the concepts stuck on the class walls which made them come to school without any hesitation.

  • Icebreaking by teachers
  • Icebreaking is a small game for children to break the monotony. The latest method is inculcating songs and games before beginning every session which makes the class fresh and active. Singing innovative songs with actions and playing games such as listening to teacher’s instructions and doing the actions and showing funny faces, excite the children.

    Children can express what happens in the classroom with the teachers and classmates. They are smart enough and open minded to share good or bitter experiences. As a teacher there is no end to learning. In order to enjoy the whole process of learning, the teacher should ensure she engages the children following the above techniques and make sure the children are active, agile and enthusiastic about school activities. A life without purpose is like a ship without rudder. As teachers they play an instrumental role in shaping each child’s life through their actions and words, hence adopt these techniques to promote a happy classroom with lots of happy hours.

    Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.


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