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Team Parenting : Raising Kids Together

by Achuta Saripalle 29 Mar 2021 0 Comments


With passing generations and changing traditions, parenting has taken a new shape and form. I questioned myself about modern parenting techniques and styles. I was bemused. Is this modern parenting effective?

All couples have one say that there is no right way of handling things when it comes to children. Disagreements are common while making decisions about kids. And that is because, those who are parents now, grew up under the roof of various parenting rules.

Fighting and arguing in front of the children is never a good idea. The child might seem lost from both ends, causing behavioral issues. And here comes team parenting that plays a vital role in such cases.

Let me start with a short story.

A few days back, I noticed a family in a supermarket. The girl might be eight years old. She wanted a chips packet. She went and asked, "Mom, can I take one chips packet?"

"Ask your dad, instantly replied the mother.

The girl ran to her dad. "Dad, can I take a chips packet?"

"Ask your mom, "Dad replied.

The girl was bewildered. Out of anger, she took a packet and smashed the chips with her hand, and placed it back again in the rack from where she had taken it. That eight-year-old managed her anger in this peculiar way. Her eyes walked off the shelf, but her heart? I am sure the wound would have healed immediately, but what about the scar in her heart?

"If the parents had given a mutual nod - yes or no, instead of beating around the bush, the girl could have felt better." I thought to myself.

The matter here is not about chips. It is about the inner thought process. Why should the parents make the girl run around the supermarket for a packet of chips? Can’t they take a simple decision?

Team parenting helps in minimizing ambivalence and promotes coordination. It is a mutual dedication that the parents must follow to take care of their kids. Team parenting is all about powerful, peaceful, and disciplined parenting. It can be a ubiquitous method that allows parents to stay connected with the child in the parent-child relationship.

Following are a few tips for co-parenting or team parenting:

  1. Discussing co-parenting or approaching a counselor is never a wrong choice. Small talks with your partner can help solve complex parenting issues before the small stone turns into a pebble.
  2. Be flexible, patient, and hear out each others' opinions and points of view.
  3. Understand your partner's past life, family, and experiences. That adds value to your fostering and nurturing methods.
  4. Ensure that your kid is never a witness to any of your arguments. That does not mean a battle behind the wall. It means to maintain a cordial relationship even at times of crisis.
  5. Show compassion, love, and respect for each other and to the other members so that the child could imbibe such positive and soft qualities.
  6. Nobody is born perfect, and one need not try to be perfect. Imperfections are allowed provided you accept your fault and move on to improve them. Cherish your strength and work on your mistakes.
  7. Remember that a happy family is a prosperous family.

Many kinds of research also claim that a healthy relationship between the mother and father leads to ideal brain development in kids. When parents drive themselves on the same terms and pages, children are most likely to flourish. Lack of consistency in parenting styles could lead to child misbehaving. It can cause frustration and loss of peace at home. After all, we love peace, isn't it? Check out more blogs on parenting https://themomstore.in/blogs/blogs-for-moms/tagged/motherhood-parenting


Achuta Saripalle is an Engineer by qualification, banker by profession and writer by passion. She is an adorable mother of a girl child. She is an avid reader who firmly believes that reading definitely helps in writing. To her, not reading a book in hand is equivalent to burning it.

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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