Sustainable Parenting: How Can We Raise the Next Gen Sustainably?


Submitted by Kamala Palaniappan

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


Modern parenting is lot more different than old age parenting. Today many parents think of the question WHY? We have humongous information within the tap of a button. But as the technology develops, we are blindly following the western culture. Just pause and think, are we heading to the right direction? There may not be any instant effect but we ourselves damage our environment which will not make a peaceful place to live for our future generations.

In our day to day life, there are plenty of changes in lifestyle and living. But parenting has also taken a big hit, where the foundation of one’s life is changed. Why we feel comfortable with the modern techniques? Obviously, it is easy to follow than the old techniques. Now we just have alternatives to the old method, but not the replacement. Let’s follow those and make the world a better place to live for our children.

Rather speaking in common, I would like to point out few alternatives which even I was not aware in the initial days.

The first and foremost thing to be discussed is BREASTMILK.
When I had the confusion on my supply, I was shocked when even my own grandmother comforts me saying that nowadays you can substitute with formula. It’s not a harm in giving as an addition but never proceed without consultation from your paediatrician. WHO recommends to give breastmilk for first two years! This shows the alarming need of breastmilk. It’s not just the medium used to comfort or to sleep but your child’s future health.

There are plenty of alternatives available which makes the working mom to pump and store the breastmilk. So, lets take a small effort to have determined goal to breastfeed at least for first two years of the whole journey of your child.

The next big thing which plays a crucial role in day to day life of a new parent is DIAPERS : How many of you remember your usage of diapers during your childhood? Very few maybe. Even I accept the fact that diapers are so comfortable to deal with those unexpected pees and poos. But, how many of you are aware of the modern cloth diapers? Just explore the beautiful alternative to the disposable diapers. It’s safe for your baby as well as your kid. When I started exploring so many options popped up where my kid’s paediatrician was really convinced to use for the whole night as she suffered some few UTI issues.

The last thing I can share is my experience with the ERGONOMIC CARRIERS : Everyone wish to own a carrier where moms find it is difficult to manage the kid in one hand. So basically, there are various types of carriers in many brands. But what is so special with the ergonomic ones? The scientific facts are interesting and it is just the modernization of age-old practice of carrying babies in cloth. If those are not affordable just use normal saree cloth as a carrier which is so comfort for the new born as well as the toddlers.

By and large, the world should be habitual to our future generation by using eco friendly things right from the birth till death. Not just in your life but share the goodness of sustainable products with your kith and kin. Have you planned to invest in eco-friendly products for your kids as well as in your life?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store

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Kamala Palaniappan is an MBA graduate and work as a freelance content writer and published articles in different niche areas like automobiles. Being a full-time mom, I research on every product that I buy for my daughter.



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    Nice start Keep it up

  • Posted on by Uma

    Nice start Keep it up

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