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“It's going to be a dull day mumma if I wear this today”

Juggling with the mundane everyday tasks and trying best to wrap up everything in a timely manner, I stopped at an utter lack of response to this statement of my four-year-old child. With no signs of schools coming back in session in near future or an outing like a stroll in the park totally out of the question, I was surprised by this question. He wanted to wear something that would brighten his day. He chose an attire in navy blue being his favorite color. However, this little episode coerced me into thinking what the right age is to develop a sense of fashion in your child. Or is it something they themselves pick up from their surroundings. 

What is the sense of style in children?


  • Mirror Mirror on the wall.

  • Ever noticed your little boy or girl smiling in the mirror? It is not just a smile but a sense of accomplishment in their tender minds. Observe them when they observe themselves. There are quite a few very visible expressions like a nod or acknowledgement or covert ones like smiling. These are clear indicators of how pleased your child is at their own sight.

  • Focusing on their favorites and letting them choose.

  • Like adults, children too have their favorites in their wardrobe. They are much more at ease in wearing that particular outfit. This is a great confidence building tool. Also, letting your child choose the outfit helps in strengthening decision making. This develops their personal sense of style which goes a long way.

  • Offer them Variety.

  • It's not always about the brand. It is also about the variety. Maintain their wardrobe in a way that they have a good collection of outfit types. Children tend to remember certain occasions or big days by sheer memory of what they wore that day. This also makes them realize the significance of clothes and their own achievements. 


  • Complimenting is the key.

  • How do I look? is a question so persistent. Whether it is a drawing, plaything, or any other activity, we are asked for some sort of validation. If for a split second you tend to ignore them by passing a mediocre answer like “ Okay”, “Nice”, their face drops. Remember to compliment your child. This will lead them to be more experimental with their choices.

    The whole point is to bring out your child’s sense of style. Let them try out new things. That little girl trying out her mommies’ new heels is a fashionista. That little boy mimicking his dad with a bow tie is a stylish boy. Let them choose their own outfit occasionally. Take their opinion while placing/shopping orders. Notice their super happy faces when the orders arrive. Look how charming they look when they put on their dresses. They simply adore themselves happy, glowing radiant selves.

    As they rightly say:

    “It's not about the brand, it's about being STYLISH”


    Udita Saroha is an Education Marketeer working with a US based Publishing house. An MBA and English (Hons) by education, she spends her leisure time flipping the pages of classic literature and writing blogs.

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