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Struggles of Mothers

by Shreya Goel 02 Sep 2020 0 Comments

Struggles of Mothers

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Women’s path towards success is not easy. It still has many hurdles. Now women are doing good in every field. But did you ever thought about the journey behind it? 

Women have many phases in life first being daughter then-wife and then-mother. And with every phase, she lost her own identity.  And with every phase difficulties to pursue the dream gets far.

Many questions raised around her what is the need of doing a job or work, why you are doing all this, if you need anything then just tell we will full fill it. Really why these questions are not asked when men start working. Why women only have to answer all these. Why is it difficult to understand that women can work for her own identity, For her dreams, for herself. 

Women are equally contributing to every field and they are as good as men are.

Then why does she need to sacrifice her dreams, why the opportunities aren't the same, questions asked by the society are not same, way of seeing women is not same. Why?  

And after all these big questions when she starts working again there are many other difficulties on her way to success. And one of the biggest is choosing between a baby or work. When the mother carries her baby for the first time in her arms for a movement she forgot about herself and sees her whole life in that child.

Being a working mother is not easy at all. After delivery priorities got to change. You want to be with your child. Even while working things which are going in mind is the baby had food or not, baby is fine, is someone is with baby, etc. As I said priority gets change and the first priority is to raise a child by giving your full. Want to spend every moment to cheer and grow baby. 

But still, women manage to grow a child by giving her full and also work with the same enthusiasm. 

 I am sharing one example of a woman who is a big inspiration and not nowadays we all are hearing about her a lot.

New Zealand’s prime minister Jacinda Ardern. She is the youngest prime minister of New Zealand. She was carrying a baby in her worm while ruling the country. She faces a world pandemic “corona” like a worrier. And make her country free from this deadly virus. When bigger countries are still struggling. It shows the power of women. Once women decide to achieve something then she will go beyond the clouds to achieve that.

When women can bring a new life in this world. Then she can do anything. So just believe in yourself. Don’t let your dreams shed away inside the shadow of responsibilities. Let make your child your inspiration to work and show the world what you can do.

I dedicate this article to all the working women and mothers. Who are giving their day and night to their family and child. I wish all of them all the best for their life.

Don’t regret or doubt your dreams. “ Sometimes dreams come true!”






Shreya Goel

Shreya Goel is a mother of a two year old son. She is a working mother who loves to spend time with her family. She believes that parenting makes you learn many things with time. Her son inspires her to start writing and to try to help more parents. 




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