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Some Tips To Handle Anxiety During The Pandemic

by Urvashi Newar 11 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Some Tips To Handle Anxiety During The Pandemic

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Covid19 has undoubtedly taken a toll on people across the globe. While it is vital that you stay home and stay safe, it is equally important that you maintain your mental well being during this tough phase. In this blog, I will be sharing a few tips which will help you to handle anxiety and stress related issues with ease. 


Elders of our families are feeling lonely as their daily routine has come to a standstill while the youngsters are finding it hard and having issues with their partners. Working professionals are worried about their salaries while kids are trying to adapt to the concept of online classes. You would agree that almost every person is having some kind of anxiety issue because of this pandemic. If you are also one of them, then have a look at these below noted tips and say goodbye to anxiety! 


  1. Stick to your routine: You must adhere to a proper sleep routine and have healthy eating habits. If you will be physically fit, it will be very good for your mental wellbeing. A proper daily routine will keep you sane during the lockdown. You might want to do some harmless changes but they might lead to many issues. For example, if you change your meal timings which might seem harmless to you as a person, but it might cause a lot of problems to the elders of the family as many of them have to take certain medications at a fixed time. So, it is better that you stick to a routine. 


  1. Be mindful: We all are used to going out for work or for our other commitments, but now we all are confined to our homes and because of this there can be issues and frictions between family members and this can cause a lot of stress. So, I would just suggest that you must be a little mindful and try to address the concerns of fellow family members with patience and love.  


  1. Avoid reading too much about the virus: It is alright to have information about the pandemic but do not spend more than half an hour daily reading about this topic. Dedicate your time to yourself and your family members. If you are away from your parents, do call them regularly but don't create panic. Just keep them informed about the precautions they need to take. Constant talking about the pandemic can cause a lot of stress among the elderly, so limit your discussion because their mental wellbeing is equally important as yours.


  1. Express yourself and seek help if needed: Let your emotions speak, this can be through art, baking or anything which you love to do. Give your feelings and thoughts an outlet. You must do yoga and meditation on a daily basis. They will work wonders for your stress levels. You should seek help if you are feeling depressed or too anxious; call your friend or any relative and talk your heart out.


I am sure after reading this blog, you will be able to handle anxiety issues with ease. Just remember, this pandemic is  a phase and will eventually pass.




Urvashi Newar






Urvashi Newar has a great passion for writing. She has been into this line for almost 7 years. Mom to a 3 year old girl, she loves penning down her thoughts on motherhood. She believes in sharing her motherhood journey to help new mothers. 





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