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Simple Self Care Tips For Busy Moms

by Subarna Acherjee 15 Jun 2021 0 Comments
Simple Self Care Tips For Busy Moms


Moms are super busy and so they are super moms. A mom starts working as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning till she closes her eyes at night, though sometimes she has to wake up at midnight too to give extra care to her little ones. During this pandemic when most of the people are staying at home, a mom had to give extra effort to take care and support every member of the family. Hence a mom needs to refuel her engine as it is impossible to reach her destination without fuel.

Many times moms suffer from guilt if they do something for themselves rather than doing for others. Taking time away from family and doing something for yourself is often mistaken as selfishness. It is high time a mom should understand they too need some extra dose of love. They should indulge themselves in some self-care that can rejuvenate their life. And this way they can set examples to their kids also that we should take care of ourselves then only we can care for others.

Here are some simple self-care ideas for busy moms

Eat Healthy

Taking care of your health is the most essential part of our lives. It should be the priority of your everyday chores. Often moms are so busy accomplishing the errands of their life that they skip their meals or adjust with some leftovers. And this should be strictly avoided. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and you can feel the change. It will help you to stay more energetic throughout the day. Healthy eating habits not only make us healthier but also make us happy.

Get Enough Sleep

Due to being over-occupied with daily chores, moms don't get enough sleep. And they failed to realize that a decreased amount of sleep can cause many health issues and even affects her productivity. An adult human being needs approximately 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep. Giving yourself an adequate amount of rest is the most important yet simple way of self-care.

Exercise Regularly

It is very necessary to move your body every day, to keep it properly functioning. It is not like you have to do a marathon daily but you need to do any form of activity that attracts you or you can do it at the comfort of your home. You can choose anything like yoga, regular warm-up exercises, or you can go for a walk, register yourself in any Zumba class or swimming class. A mom is responsible for the well being of her and the people around her so she should not neglect herself.


For ages, meditation has been known as one of the best ways to practice self-care. Regularly meditating has enormous benefits( both mentally and physically). A mom juggles with so much stress and mixed emotions of high and low every day, so mediation is the best way to keep yourself calm and manage all your stress and emotions.

Spend time with people who make you laugh

Motherhood is the most lovable and rewarding job but at times it is stressful and overwhelming too. Motherhood doesn't mean detaching yourself from the outer world. Going out alone and having some quality time with your friend should not sound selfish. A mom too needs a break from the monotonous routine work. Spend time with people who transmit positive vibes and make you laugh wholeheartedly.

Do what you love

Every individual has their passion or desire to do something that they love doing apart from their routine jobs. But often a mom forgets about her interests in the midst of other responsibilities. Life is short, love yourself, follow your passion, and live happily then only you can make others happy. These simple activities will have a large impact on your life and will help you to lead a better life.

Give Treat To Yourself 

A mom never left a stone unturned to make every occasion of her family special, she always treats others in a very special way. So, moms, it is time to treat yourself. It is indeed a great idea to treat yourself once in a while. Gift yourself some time by doing nothing or something that makes you happy and pampered.

Keep Alive Your Inner Child

Always be like a child, live in the moment, be honest, and always do something new and creative. Try to learn something new every day. Enjoy all the silly things like having chocolate, picking wildflowers, plucking fruits from trees with your child. There is happiness in every little thing and happiness is a form of self-care.

Wrap Up

These simple self-care ideas need a little time from your busy life mom. Motherhood is a journey, not a destination and you have to keep traveling. So spend some time for yourself, fill your cup first else you can't pour anything from an empty cup. Love yourself, pamper yourself and you will be a happier mom and son and get a happier family.


Subarna Acherjee, B.Tech graduate in Information Technology, worked as a web developer. Presently engaged in a parenting job for 24/7 to my little girl. Subarna loves to read and write and runs a blog The Mommy's Corner, where she shares her knowledge and experiences and also loves to hear from fellow moms. Connect with me her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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