Simple Hacks To Get Toddlers Go For A Haircut


Simple Hacks To Get Toddlers To Go For A Haircut

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Well, most of us might have experienced seeing an irritated and distraught child shouting at the top of his voice while big tears rolling down his cheeks.

But, wait a minute, this is not a scene from a toy shop but, at the barber鈥檚. An indignant child tends to frazzle out any adult. Thus, taking a child for a haircut becomes a tedious task for any parent and I, too, am not left out of such a situation.

Every parent will readily agree with the trauma the toddler has to go through when they hear the word "HAIRCUT".

No more worries, as here are some tried and tested tricks for you.



Visit the salon before making an appointment with the stylist. Try to choose a salon and a stylist that you feel is child friendly.聽

Google reviews can come in handy. Find a hairdresser who has kept enough toys and other kid-friendly items so that the child gets attracted and feels comfortable there. Make sure to visit the same stylist every time you feel your little one needs a haircut. This will build a good rapport with the hairdresser and over time, the child will get accustomed to the same, resulting in a less stressful experience.


Children often get petrified when they hear the word CUT as they usually associate it with something used to "tear things apart". These tender tiny humans shout their lungs out and get so panic-stricken that it scares us too. Therefore, using the word TRIM will make them much more consoled. Since it will be a new word for them, you can narrate some fascinating stories related to it which will make them feel more comfortable while having a haircut.


聽Getting your best friend on-board is much more fun than doing the job alone. And kids are just the same. Talk to their friend鈥檚 parents, fix an appointment with the hairdresser together and things can turn out much easier. Moreover, your kids will be in much control. This trick usually works and you will get a "good, happy child" at the end of the appointment.


This may sound a bit freakish but trust me, it can work wonders. You can either play your child's favorite movie or songs, which will not only divert their mind but also let the hairdresser do their work fittingly. You can even narrate a story and keep them entertained throughout the hair cutting session.


It would be great if you would reward them for being a 鈥済ood child鈥 during the session. Prepare a small 鈥淲ell Mannered鈥 chart and reward them by giving them a star or a smiley. And at the end of 2 months or so, you can calculate the total number of stars or smileys and appreciate them for being a 鈥済ood child鈥.

These are some hacks that I usually follow. Hope this helps. Do post in your comments below and let me know if you have other nice tricks to lure a child for a great haircutting session.

Wish you a healthy and happy haircut experience!

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She is a teacher (PGT) by profession. She is also a talented budding blogger. Her hobbies include drawing, painting, sketching, doodling and blogging.

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  • Posted on by Urvashi Mahato

    Thank you all for your encouraging words鈥

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    This is indeed a good advice. Loved your post. 馃憣 Good going!
    Waiting for your next amazing tips.

  • Posted on by Vigya vijeta

    Superb. Well done. The points which you have mentioned are so related. Being a mother we have faced the problem.

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    Its very good advise.

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    This is such an innovative concept. Well done Urvashi. 鉂わ笍馃憤馃徎

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