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Seven Best & Safe Search Engines for Your Kids

by Misha Jain 03 Jul 2021 0 Comments


What is a Search Engine?

A Search engine is a website using which users can search content from the World Wide Web. The work of the search engine is to perform a web search systematically and display the results. A normal search engine displays results for all types of queries.

What is a Kid Search Engine?

A Kids Search Engine is a specially designed search engine that shows the filtered content upon search to the kids. When our kids are using the search engine to explore the world, we need to make sure that they are not exposed to cyber threats, inappropriate or irrelevant content. This is where the importance of using Kids Search Engine comes into role. These specially designed platforms help kids to do a safe search in a kid-friendly environment.

Most of the popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. offer safe search settings that you can allow from their settings menu. Apart from that, there are specially designed search engines just for kids. These search engines have specially designed colorful and attractive User Interfaces that engage Kids with them.

Here are some of the Safest Kids Search Engines:

KidRex : Kidrex is powered by Google Custom SearchTM and uses Google SafeSearchTM technology. This child-safe search engine has a database of kid-related webpages keywords. The main aim of KidRex is that children remain safe while browsing the web.

Kiddle : Kiddle.co is a visual search engine for kids. Kiddle has online encyclopedia that lays emphasis on the children’s safety. Kiddle is powered by Google Programmable Search but is not affiliated by Google LLC. Kiddle allows safe web, image and video search.

Kidtopia : Kidtopia is not only a safe search engine for kids but is also a directory for preschool and elementary students. It contains only the websites recommended by teachers, librarians, and educational consortia.

GoGooligans : As per the name, it seems GoGooligans is associated with Google. However, it is not affiliated or part of Google Inc. GoGooligans is only powered by Google.com SafeSearch and Google COOP. It uses Google Index to get the results, allows numerous filtering features, offers search in more than 30 languages, and much more.

KidsSearch : KidsSearch.com is a fun and safe search engine for kids that uses Google Safe Search Algorithms to filter irrelevant content from the Kids Search. Moreover, each site is peer-reviewed for inappropriate content and usefulness for the children.

WackySafe : WackySafe has been categorized among the most robust safe search engine for kids. It undergoes strict filtering of results from websites and web pages across the web. It is also powered by Google Custom SearchTM and uses Google SafeSearchTM technology. One of the great features it provides is the ResponsiveVoice text-to-speech. This feature enhances the reading and listening skills of the children.

KidzSearch : KidzSearch.com search engine is a web portal powered by Google Custom Search with academic autocomplete that focuses on children’s safety. Apart from the Google Safe Search technology, it uses additional search term filters enforcing more security.



Misha is a mother of two girls and a Software Engineer by Profession. Being a parent, she wanted to share her findings with other parents to help them out. She loves reading & writing Blogs & Novels in her free time, binge watch Netflix & do DIY activities with her kids.


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