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Realizations Of A Quarantined Mom

by Samiksha Choithani 10 Jul 2020 0 Comments

Realizations Of A Quarantined Mom

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Since the month of January, the little girl is super excited! Why? When she is back from her school Mumma is at home, they have lunch together, and mummy is now fetching and dropping her for aerial dance sessions. She is also reading stories in the evening. In short, Mumma is with her round the clock. I have never felt this excitement and pride of having Mumma by my side all the time because my mother was always at home but it took six years for my little girl to have mommy by her side all the time.

This is how a journey of sabbatical begins! A few travel plans and career decisions made me take this break. Never in the wildest of my dreams did I ever think about the extended lockdown and quarantined interval that will transform me as a professional and a mom. Though the Digital Marketer in me is longing to get back to her work, the Mommy in me is feeling extremely satisfied in practicing DIY crafts, cooking for Li’l princess, and reading new stories every night.

During the first month, the break was difficult to handle. I checked my phone at 9.30 - no calls, checked my inbox – no mails, no hustle-bustle of the morning. Nor was I struggling to cook and complete household chores before 10.00. Most importantly, my financial dependence I was bothered me by the end of the month. Since 2010, immediately after completing my Masters, there wasn't a single day without pay. During this decade, there were a couple of strong reasons to give-up work - corporate politics, focus on family – marriage, having my first child at the tender at of 26. But nothing deterred my willingness to work, grow, and focus on my career, which makes me stand tall and fight all odds.

I never thought it from this perspective, everything I did was more of a responsibility. I even missed the small pleasures of seeing the little one smile in sleep, happiness on her face while laying on my lap for long at night, learning new DIYs with her, making chocolate milk and cupcakes together. These are some things that now fulfill me even more than completing a project before the deadline, delivering numbers by the end of the month, and submitting reports every evening.

Even though I have not earned so much as to survive on these pleasures for the rest of my life, I strongly feel this break was much needed. In the maddening rat race, these little joys serve as the best stress busters. I will surely get back to work although now life won't be the same. I have learned to draw a line between work and life. I may not be able to strike the perfect balance, least now I do know how to do it for myself and my family.

A Pause - This small career break backed by extended lockdown has not just given me quality time with my family but also taught me the biggest life lesson – climbing up on the career ladder may not always lead to self-satisfaction, a little pause for self-realization is necessary. I am still working on a few independent/freelancing projects and volunteering for a social media group of moms although that is only when the little one is enjoying her nap time.  

So, this mom is happily quarantined for a quarter!




Samiksha Choithani

Samiksha Choithani is a Communication Specialist with a decade of experience in managing digital communications across various sectors including Politics, Real Estate, Lifestyle and Journalism. She is a co-author of a non-fiction genre – Small Big Bang and has also written for a couple of features in Times of India. She is a co-founder of fb community – Working Moms of Ahmedabad.




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