Raising A Reader

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Advantages of Raising a Reader

Inspiring young children to become voracious readers are our biggest challenge in this digital era. With instant gratification, children are so restless and impatient. Habits like reading help them develop patience, improve their comprehension skills and enhance their vocabulary. A few advantages of encouraging children to become readers are listed below.

  • Broadens thinking skills:

    There are various kind of books such as picture books, touch and feel books, short story books, fictions, biographies, non-fiction, encyclopaedia’s and dictionary according to the age criteria. A toddler’s suitable books are picture book and touch and feel book which the child can perceive. The next level of book is a short story for this age where the parents can read and narrate to the child through that the child can enhances the thinking skill in an imaginary way. 

    • Stock of words:

      What do you mean by stock of words? It refers to knowing enormous number of words in a language. The main source of having an excellent vocabulary is reading books from the childhood. Leaning new variety of words is an essential part in our kid’s life. You can play a game called vocabulary task. Ask your child to read a story book which is suitable for the child age. The parent should make small chits of paper and write the new words what the child learnt from the story. Then, fold the chits put it in a bowl, shuffle it. The child’s task is picking a chit one by one and frame a sentence for the words.

      • Helps in grasping:

        As books contains several pages, it gets a bit tricky for children to comprehend the entire book, frequent reading practise helps in developing comprehension.  A constant touch in reading books help quick grasping for a child in all areas of life. As long as the child gets used to read variety of books at one point of time a child can understand the complete story and start narrating on their own.

        The following types of books are mandatory for the children to read as they grow to become wonderful human beings.

        1. Parents are not my servants
        2. I am really great
        3. Brave to face difficulties
        4. Good habits with all my life
        5. Share your gratitude
        6. Learning is not scary
        7. To be lenient
        8. Learning to be independent with following cautions
        9. Honest is the best policy
        10. I am really self-controlled

        When the child behaves sometimes inappropriate to the life, constant touch in reading moral values strikes the little mind’s brain not to do. Hundred percent reading helps in self-analysis on humans.

        Encourage your child to become a passionate reader, as there are several intangible benefits and overall development in your child. They tend to experiment with public speaking, debates or extempore more voluntarily. Be a passionate reader and learn the values and ethics what you must follow in your life.   Invest in setting a library or book shelf at home to have a calm and peaceful life.




        Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.

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