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Providing A Consistent Nurturing Environment

Some children are consistent and for some their growth is at a decelerated pace due to boredom and unexplained mood swings. The ongoing nurturing of our children at home is...


A nurturing environment at home means being supportive, stimulating and creating specific bonding experiences with our children. 

Maintaining and providing a conducive nurturing environment is very challenging in these pandemic times. The social life and peer interaction has drastically minimized for children. 

Some children are consistent and for some their growth is at a decelerated pace due to boredom and unexplained mood swings. The ongoing nurturing of our children at home is a continuous process. We as adults overcome emotional situations by professional counselling or attending external events or identifying other suitable means. We need to create an environment at home for our little ones to support them. There are various ways to nurture your child.

1.Positive touch

Express your warmth and hug on a daily basis and set it as a routine to give your positive touch both mentally and physically. This is the first and foremost source for nurturing.


2.Right counselling at right time

A child has to be counselled at the right time about situations without being biased. A child is smarter than parents in this digital age, being very tech savvy.  For instance, children are glued to electronic devices like television, mobile, I - pad or laptop for long hours. At the same time, when you ask the child to read or study, they have minimal patience. In this case, if we keep insisting them to continue, they get annoyed. Counsel them to be balanced in study, play and routine. 


3.Stay connected to nature

Take your child to beach, river, pond, and falls. Make them a habit of taking a bath in the freshwater, where it refreshes the mind of little ones and allow to express the joyfulness whole heartedly.


4.Kitchen garden

Teach the children to set up a vegetable garden at home. Two ways are there, sowing seeds and planting saplings.  You can give an option to children where the vegetables grow fast. Drumstick tree sapling, banana tree sapling, coconut tree sapling, greens such as coriander, curry leaves, mint and fenugreek. You can tell them the benefits and share recipes to spark their interest.


5.Social Interaction

During the holidays or weekends send your children to relatives or friends' houses. Plan a team work like art out of waste, a small science experiment, fireless cooking, outdoor play with safety and security. 

Life has become very sedentary for children with only virtual classes and insufficient extracurricular activities. Mood levels keep fluctuating and it's extremely demanding for us as parents to cope up with these added pressures. The above simple tips to keep the home environment conducive for their holistic development would definitely help.

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Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.

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