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Pros & Cons of Online Education

Due to COVID 19 hitting us, we have learned lessons the hard way. Many of us even started experimenting with things that we were once reluctant towards. We are trying...

Pros & Cons of Online Education

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With the lockdown due to COVID 19 hitting us, we have learned lessons the hard way. Many of us even started experimenting with things that we were once reluctant towards. We are trying to cope with the current situation.

One of the most affected areas among others is education. Children across the globe are mutually perplexed on the sudden closure of academic institutions and schools. That is when e-learning emerged as a great relief to many students as well as parents. But within no time there was a sudden paradigm shift and the online classroom became the new face of modern education all over the globe.

Did learning take hold of the situation, how? - Pros

Around 1.5 billion students across 129 countries are out of classrooms. Like any other collateral damage, teachers and professors are also out of the classroom. E-learning came as rescue as it become part and parcel of our life.

  • Fear of Failing and Anxiety-Children are now less prone to fear of missing out, a gradual fear and anxiety of losing something from day to day life.
  • Flexibility and Accessibility-These are two additional pro components of online learning. Students are free from long hours of classroom learning. Recording the class allows them to rewind and go through the concept once again. It is quite surprisingly noted that there was a rapid increase in attendance too.
  • Fast Learning and Quick Assessments-A recent survey says, there is a surging demand for online learning platforms among parents. They find it easy for children to grasp and learn via technology. Parents are also in favour of the quick assessments that pave ways to quick results. As a result, some famous online tutoring firms have witnessed an unbelievable spike of 200% in number of students downloading and using the product.
  • Future Concept of Learning-Though pandemic has halted normalcy, inventing and innovation have become new normal. With digital learning and technology, parents are affirming that the future of their children is going to be high quality, high calibre, and path breaking. And the result is true, children are more comfortable with the tech-savvy way of learning than our traditional classroom learning. Welcome to the future!


As we said, every coin has two sides, learning too brought in with it, few uncertainties, and chaos particularly among young mothers.

I was unaware of the negative consequences of online classes until I faced one. My elder daughter was doing well and getting well with all the new concepts of the online class. However, my four years old responded altogether differently. She was taken aback to see her teachers and friends on the screen of the monitor. Otherwise, an active child, started staying mute and distracted all the time in her online class which is not more than 45 minutes long. We need to evaluate all the sides before taking a plunge and carried away in the flow.

  • Online classes for a prolonged period can pave ways to serious social isolation
  • Online classes will hinder communication skills in children.
  • Work From Home Parents is forced to buy new gadgets such as laptops, Mobile phone Tabs, and internet connection for children as well.
  • It has become a concern for parents to expose children to the internet for prolonged hours.

Amid pandemic, the only option to keep our children from mundane days is E-Learning. It is impossible to predict how long the current situation will render it, we are embracing and trying to adapt to the paradigm shift and the "new normal"!





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