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Preparing Yourself & Your Baby For Day Care

by Jusmi Saikia 17 Jul 2020 7 Comments

Preparing For Day Care

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Hello mommies, hope you all of you are keeping well and are taking good care of yourself along with your little ones. Taking care of yourself is very necessary since all of us need to perform multi-tasks. Be it our home or the world outside.

 Today I am going to discuss with all of you a very important topic which every working new mommy dreads even thinking. Maternity leave has come to an end and we need to rush back before we even can think of it. As I was a working mom, I too had to struggle a lot with this issue. I will discuss the issues that I went through and their probable solutions which I applied in my case.


Unavailability of day-care-

I had to leave my daughter when she had not completed even six months. Therefore, we had to struggle a lot to find a daycare as most of them kept babies from 9-12 months only and not younger than that. So, what we did was to call my mother in law for a month or two to care for the baby. This helped the baby to adjust with new people and prepared her mentally for a new beginning.



Another issue was that of timings. Since I had to report to my workplace by eight o'clock it was an issue. Most of the daycares don’t operate before eight-thirty or nine am. So we spoke to both the ends and some relief was given to us.


Sudden change of food habits-

Ever since my child started her solids we had chosen to give her homemade food only. We didn’t go for any kind of commercial foods so since in daycare, it was not possible. We started to give her commercial food so that she could adapt to the taste and doesn’t remain empty stomach.


Bottle feeding or bowl and spoon method-

It is also important to teach the baby to learn bottle feeding since mommies you won’t be around it’s important to teach the baby to bottle feed them from five to six months. But don’t worry if the baby is not able to, you can inform the daycare to use the bowl and spoon method. It hardly fails.


Mental preparation

Mommies prepare yourself mentally for the whole scenario. It is no doubt very emotional and stressful phase of life but doesn’t worry with time everything will be smooth for you and the baby as well. You will be so happy to see the little one learn so many new things in a few days.


Few essential items to send to the daycare-

When you send the little one make sure to send these essential items in his/her bag. Few diapers, two sets of clothes, hot water, diaper cream and moisturizer. For her food her top feed, ready to mix food and soft fruits like banana, chickoo etc. along with her bowl and spoon.


These all are the preparations that I made to make sure my little one was comfortable in her new settings. And mommies I know it hurts initially but trusts me sooner or later it turns out fine. So keep calm, take care of yourself and the little one. I will be more than happy to hear from you.

Happy reading!!


 Click here for the complete guide for day care - do's and don'ts


Jusmi Saikia

Jusmi Saikia, mother to a one year old daughter is a  teacher by profession in one of the reputed schools in Bangalore, India. She shares an immense love for writing as well as reading. She loves to write and share her ideas with the world around.



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23 Mar 2021 zmsbrmqcpy

Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

04 Aug 2020 Jusmi Saikia

Thankyou so much Bhonty for the encouragement !!

25 Jul 2020 Hena Nath

Very Informative & useful blog for all mommis..

25 Jul 2020 Hena Nath

Very Informative & useful blog for all mommis..

20 Jul 2020 Jusmi Saikia

Thankyou so much Jinu and Mithu for reading my blog and the encouragement.

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