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Postpartum Depression: Causes and Cure

by Saumya Dwivedi 14 Aug 2023 0 Comments

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Becoming a mother is the best experience in a woman’s life. Everything becomes more beautiful and happier but this happiness comes with lots of responsibility and changes. These changes have both positive and negative impacts on a mother’s life. 

Definitely, everything seems like a fairy tale but raising a baby is not an easy task, along with the baby, a mother too needs utmost care and rest and the family should also be very supportive to lessen the exhaustion of the mother. A lack of these things can lead towards postpartum depression.

So what is postpartum depression (PPD), which is still taken very lightly, people don't feel its intensity and it becomes the cause of depression.

Postpartum is basically the time after the birth of a baby and after the birth of the baby most women have mood swings, they become emotionally weak. In the absence of love and care, they start feeling lonely and helpless and gradually, their most beautiful phase of life starts becoming the reason for their depression. The reasons for PPD vary from person to person but basically, sleep deprivation, childcare stress, lack of support, lack of empathy and marital dissatisfaction are the main reasons. But with the support of the family and the intervention of
some professionals, this situation can be easily prevented.

So wherever you see these symptoms in a new mother, you have to be there for her:

  • Too often mood swings
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Crying
  • Anxiety
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Trouble eating
  • Detachment from family and friends
  • Fear of not being a good mother
  • Hopelessness
  • Lack of concentration

Before PPD becomes severe, at a family level, we can lessen the consequences.

  • The nourishment of a mother is very important. Our brain needs adequate nourishment to work properly. So give her healthy food and drinks.
  • Rest plays a significant role in the motherhood journey but a new mother gets very less sleep. As it's said, “sleep when the baby sleeps” but not always can she match her schedule as her baby’s, so provide her with good sleeping hours by taking care of the baby sometimes.
  • Talk to her and make her feel positive; support her whenever she needs and keep a positive atmosphere around her.
  • A mother should also get some time for walk and exercise. It will help to keep her mind diverted and fit.
  • Most importantly, understand her and don't judge or pass statements such as “Everyone does it” or “What's the big deal?”.

Everyone person is different and so is the journey. Everyone faces different experiences, hence never compare and be empathic towards new mothers. By doing this we can prevent them from falling into PPD and give them happy memories.

But, if you feel, despite your constant fruitful attempts, the mother is not responding in a better way, then please consult a psychiatrist or counsellor. They can make their situation better through professional interventions. Remember, a woman’s well-being is very important for a family’s happiness. So never leave any chance to keep them happy and satisfied.



About The Author:

The Mom Store; Blog; Author; Saumya Dwivedi

Saumya Dwivedi has done Post graduation in Mass Communication and an MBA in HR. She stays in Gurgaon. She is a homemaker by choice and the mother of an eight-year-old son. She writes blogs, short stories, captions, quotes and poems on various platforms. She has won many contests in writing. Writing is like therapy for her and the biggest stress buster. She writes from her own experience of motherhood. She also loves travelling and reading.


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