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Parenting In The 21st Century

So what's the necessity of this title "Parenting at the 21st century?" What's so special in this century that parenting mandates a different ideology and challenges??...

Parenting In The 21st Century
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Parenting has always been the same connotation in all the eras with only a mild modification of perspectives. Parents and their emotions have always been the same. Every parent wants their child to groom well and sustain a very happy and healthy life. So what's the necessity of this title "Parenting at the 21st century?" What's so special in this century that parenting mandates a different ideology and challenges??

Let's understand the facts.

1. Both are working parents-

Unlike other periods today's parents are occupied professionally and undoubtedly leading a wealthy life. That sometimes becomes challenging for the parent to cope up with grooming their children. In the previous eras, mostly mother used to be a key member to shape up her child. Now, it's the role of a father too that demands full attention. Mother and father both have to share the responsibilities well. So the working parent has to meet the ends and sometimes it turns very stressful.

2. Caretaker is not the parent of the child-

As we know, working parents depend either on day care or any caretaker to care for the child in their absence at home but it's equally important for them to be vigilant about their child's development. They are the child's parent and others are just supportive agents. They need to be vigilant on every action of their child. Hence searching an appropriate caretaker is also becomes challenging and mandate supervision.

3. Liberal parenting-

Nowadays parents say to their kids that they are best of friends but in real terms, this friendship has to draw a line. Parent needs to befriend with the child so that he can share his experiences, happiness and troubles with them. They then have to guide and monitor him in his every action and reaction. It's an art of balancing that parents have to learn during the process of parenting. The child should develop respect for his liberal parents.

4. Action is more important than preaching-

Gone were the days when parents command is the final answer and a child follows it dedicatedly without cross-questioning it. However this era you simply can not put your words in front of the child as he is the one who asks for logic and motive behind our requests. Parents first have to follow the phrases and the child follows it then. Nowadays the child learns what he sees and not what has been preached.

5.Safety has become an issue-

Growing crimes have increased parents stress towards their children. They have to be very vigilant about the safety and security of the child. It becomes mandatory for all the parents to train their children martial art so to become self-confident to save themselves in case of any challenging situation.

6.Technology challenges-

Indeed, phones, tab and laptop are kinds of toys for the child now. Gone days children use to play sand, hide and seek and playing outdoor games with absolutely no toys. Now, these devices have captured childhood in the virtual world. Parent have to smart enough to keep the child busy which helps them to refrain from gadgets.

7. Cultural grooming is challenging-

Due to the nuclear family culture grandparents are meeting kids during summers or very lesser time during vacation. Parents need to care about giving cultural grooming apart from regular activities. They need to teach them to stay rooted in their culture and traditions.

8. Cautious about diets-

Due to westernised culture, our healthy diets also have reduced its benefit over junk food. Kids are now inclined over these foods and somehow tossing with their health. Parents have become extra careful to maintain their healthy diets which also becomes challenging sometimes.

9.Too much of engagement-

Kids are sometimes in tremendous pressure due to school curriculum and apart from that a bunch of activity sessions. Dance, music, martial art are few among those classes which are a kind of compulsion to groom them beyond books. Parents these days are very enthusiastic to cope up with the competitive world.

10.Growing Expenses-

Due to educational expenses and lifestyle advancement, expenses have also increased manifold which demands a double hand income and so as full-time parenting complication.

Parenting these days are challenging but if we wield our intellectual mind set and smoothly handle the relationship, parenting would be always joyful.

Happy Parenting!!



Sagarika SahooSagarika Sahoo has done Masters in Finance and Masters in commerce and pursued her career as a lecturer. She had short term experience in IT companies as a finance professional as well. She is now a full-time mother of two adorable children and invests her time in writing blogs, quotes, poems, captions in various platforms. Writing is a passion for her and a companion to share her thoughts. She writes more about inspirational & motherhood related topics.

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