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Parenting: A Phase Of Learning

by Poonam Nanwani Shah 29 Jan 2021 2 Comments
Parenting: A Phase Of Learning
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Being parents, we always feels a pleasure…however its not an easy task if it comes uncertainly. Parenting in my opinion is always a learning phase where the parents, whether a mother or father always come up or gain knowledge whenever they are with their kids and at the same time they do provide same learning to their kids.

There are different stages where sometimes it happens that as a parent we left with question mark as and what needs to be done or how to cope up the situation? We do think a lot and during same time we do realize our mistakes which we use to do when we were kids and majorly we start wondering that how our parents would have handle and tackle with us and how they would have managed the things? However undoubtedly we left with a smile wondering the situations handled at their end and remembering the same; we do start to analyze things as and when we do come across surprisingly with some situations, where even we use to be stubborn sometimes as a kid.

So, here is a diminutive phase which  I would like to express since ,as a parent we come across and tackle certain or uncertain situations accordingly during their childhood…

When a couple become a parent, so from the day one the learning stage start where though; there are number of people surrounded with us to advice at time when baby is born however, the provided advice sometimes work and sometimes only the mother could understand the babies requirements and act accordingly. Hence, I can say that the learning phase starts and parents must be always ready to face the upcoming challenges. The challenges could be anything ,like changing nappies, feeding, than if mother is not lactating then what next, so here she will be going through suggestion and recommendations provided by pediatrician so the suitable formula milk to be given to babies, not only this; post feeding what will be the result as can say baby might get colic or constipation so these are challenges which had to face patiently, sleeping pattern and many more things for first 6 months.

Then hereafter, babies comes to infant stage where we have to introduce with liquid foods first than as soon as their body adapts with liquid food than babies are ready to take semi solids and here again comes a challenge for moms as and what can be introduce and which food or fruit will be suitable as certain foods leads to allergy to babies. Not only this even some babies suffer from skin concerns.

As soon as babies grow, they do come across with the teething phase where they do suffer a lot from drooling, irritation, fever which sometimes last 3-4 days, apart from this as they put everything in mouth whatever things they come across due to which they tend to suffer bacterial infection which results in loose stools. These are stages where parents has to handle with patience especially mothers as their role is vital.

Babies or kids mostly do suffer from cold and here again comes a ultimatum task where parents has to take care in an authentic manner, since if care is not taken so it may leads to severe concern pneumonia, hence as a parents they have to be alert at every time.

The mentioned above phase is just a piece of cake and the main phase start as soon as they start understanding things especially when they start to utter words…here we had to take care of our words, our gestures our anger; as kids do imitate us and which again appear as a reflection of our action if any found at their end. They do start gaining knowledge at the earliest but this is the most critical age where kids learn and acquire much knowledge as their brains are more active.

There are many concerns other than mentioned above, which with the grace of God not every parents face during babies milestone however, yes there are parents who even face more severe concerns with respect to babies and here I would like to appreciate to those parents who take care of their lovable munchkins with utmost care and in a patience’s manner.

I wish to end this blog here, since parenting is infinite it is boundless and though can’t keep on writing ;however it is wonderful experience for both parents as well as kids.

Kindly share your some thoughts if you wish to tell…hope you all liked this!





Poonam Nanwani Shah
Poonam has done graduation in commerce and she was working as a customer care in automotive industry for almost 7 years. However, being mother of two amazing kids, she is now pursuing the full-time job of motherhood and is a wonderful homemaker. 

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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03 Feb 2021 Poonam Nanwani

Thank u very much for taking out ur time…

29 Jan 2021 Pravin Nanwani

An electrical phase of life explained easily.

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