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Getting children outside to play is one of the nicest gifts parents can give them. After Covid, many kids spend their free time playing video games inside, and kids are now more addicted to mobile gaming than ever. Every parent wants their kids to grow up physically healthy and fit.
A walk in the woods is a great method to encourage a child's awareness of the natural world. Encourage children to touch rocks, smell mud, and feel tree bark.
A fantastic method to keep youngsters active and off screens and gadgets is to involve them in some entertaining outdoor games and activities for kids. 

Additionally, it's important to support what will benefit their health and wellbeing. In order to keep kids entertained for hours and encourage them to play outside, read this post to learn about fun outdoor games and activities.

Hide and Seek 
One of the oldest and most popular outdoor activities played for decades is hide and seek.
How  to play:
One of the young people must be the "Seeker"
While the other players are hidden, "Seeker" must count numbers from 1 to 10 or more.
Ensure that you have established certain guidelines to prevent the kids from hiding in dangerous locations.
The other youngsters must remain hidden until "Seeker" stops counting.
"Seeker" initiates the search and tags any children who are located.
The winner is the first person to successfully hide within the allocated game time without being found.
A different player now serves as the "Seeker" in the game.

2. Chalkway Picasso
For this activity, all your kid will need is a couple of chalks and a lot of imagination.
How to play:
Provide the colour chalks of your children's choice.
They are free to design any pattern or figure they choose, such as a beach with lengthy waves or a snake-and-ladder game in the centre of the park walkways. However, make sure there aren't many people using the paths.
To add excitement to this game, let a group of kids express their imagination.

3.Sack Race 
Outdoor races are fun and an excellent physical exercise. Sack race adds laughter to it.
How to play:
Provide each participant with a sack.
They must grip the edges of the bag while standing inside it.
When you command them to begin, they must hop forward while maintaining the sack as near to their waists as they can.
The player will be eliminated if it ever dips below the knees.
The youngster who crosses the finish line first wins. 

Piggy in the middle
Outdoor ball games never bore children. Try this game!
How to play:
One person will stand in the centre.
The other players will form a circle or a straight line around the middle player.
The players will toss the ball back and forth, with the middle player attempting to catch it.
The participants must ensure that the throws are not caught by the middle player.
However, if a throw is caught, the thrower will be the next to stand in the centre.
In playing outside, children can learn maths, science, construction, farming, seasons, names of the animals, veggies, plants, insects, vocabulary, weather etc. They will learn basic and fundamental information about how things work in effective manner. 

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