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Nurturing Friendship in Kids: A Friendship Day Guide

by Dhanya Nair 07 Aug 2023 0 Comments
The Mom Store; Blog Post; Kids playing; friends; friendship day; Photo by Thirdman on Pexels

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels


Friendship Day is a perfect occasion to teach children about the essence of true friendship. As kids play, fight, and make amends, parents play a vital role in helping them develop strong and lasting friendships. Leading by example, you and your spouse can demonstrate the value of friendship in their eyes.

Here are some effective ways to teach kids how to foster genuine friendships:

Show Them by Example:

  • Be friends with your spouse, and let your children witness the bond of friendship between you two.
  • Display kindness, respect, and support in your interactions with friends, setting a positive example for your kids.
  • Share stories about your friends and the cherished memories you've created together.


Encourage Socializing:

  • Take them to their friends' houses, allowing them to experience the joy of spending time with peers.
  • Organize playdates and group activities where they can engage with other children and learn social skills.
  • Help them understand that friendships are built on shared interests, mutual respect, and trust.


Emphasize Selflessness:

  • Teach them that genuine friendship is not about expecting something in return but being there for each other unconditionally.
  • Explain the importance of supporting friends during both good and challenging times, fostering a sense of empathy.
  • Encourage random acts of kindness, promoting a culture of giving and sharing among friends.


Be an Assertive Corrector:

  • Teach children to communicate assertively when their friends make mistakes or hurt their feelings.
  • Guide them on how to address issues in a non-confrontational manner, allowing for open dialogue and understanding.
  • Encourage forgiveness and the willingness to resolve conflicts, promoting healthier and stronger friendships.


Cultivate Empathy:

  • Help children understand the emotions and feelings of their friends, fostering empathy and compassion.
  • Encourage them to actively listen to their friends' concerns and be a reliable source of support.
  • Discuss the concept of "putting yourself in someone else's shoes" to strengthen their ability to empathize.


Offer Help and Seek Help:

  • Teach children to offer assistance to their friends in areas where they excel, nurturing a sense of helpfulness and camaraderie.
  • Encourage them to ask for help when needed, promoting openness and trust among friends.
  • Emphasize that seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness, and that friends are there to lend a hand when required.


Friendship is a beautiful aspect of life, and by instilling these values in children from a young age, we can help them develop meaningful connections that will last a lifetime. As parents, let's be their guiding lights, teaching them the importance of friendship, understanding, and selflessness on this Friendship Day and every day.



About The Author:

The Mom Store; Blog Author: Dhanya Nair

Dhanya is an impatient inquisitive seeker, content writer and blogger. Dhanya, through her blogs aims to help moms who are raised in nuclear families, aspiring, ambitious, well educated but feel stuck when it comes to parenting!



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