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Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Kids

by Shailja Mishra 13 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Negative Effects Of Smartphones On Kids
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We all know that the use of smartphones has many benefits. There is no doubt that smartphones have made our life much more comfortable. If seen, smartphones have made the lives of mothers very easy these days. Anywhere, anytime you can contact with your kids, friends, and family.

But excessive use of smartphones by the young generation (kids) has already started to affect their lives. They spend a lot of time on phones by playing countless games or seeing cartoons or other videos. For worse or better, this trend has started to bother young children.

But frequent utilize of a Smartphone can be risky for our kids. Today my article is for those mothers who feel that their children are happy with smartphones. Mobile phones can be an easy way to keep children busy, but they also have opposite effects. Today I will tell you how smartphones affect the lives of children adversely.

After all, why are kids paying attention to mobiles?

Friends, the 6-month-old newborn is attracted to the variety of pictures and colours. This is why children attract towards mobile. The light emanating from the mobile and the images seen on it attract children. Simultaneously, mobile sound also creates eagerness in children to learn about it and touch it.

Harmful effects of mobile phones on children:

Insomnia problem:

Children play games on mobile. They see new things on mobile. Nowadays, cartoons and other programs are also available on mobile. Due to more interest in them, they stay awake till late at night. Continuation of this habit can lead to insomnia problem.

Delayed development:

The excessive use of mobiles limits children's movements, which may lag their physical development. In 1 out of 3 school-going children, physical development seems to be sluggish, affecting their educational abilities and abilities.

Negative impact on Mental Health:

Kids use mobile for various reasons; sometimes, it puts a negative impact on their mental health. Many kids who have become sufferers of cyber bullying may admit their experience much later in life when mental harm has occurred. Social media may induce anxiety and depression when the children are not given the online attention they suppose. 

Behaviour Change:

Frequent use of a mobile phone can also cause a change in the child's behaviour. Addiction of smartphones does not allow the child to concentrate on any other work. Children also become irritable due to the excessive use of mobile. Most of the aggression problems in children are due to excessive use of mobile.

Bottom Line:

Friends, every parent wishes for a better future for children. The primary purpose of the parents' life is to give them all kinds of amenities. But some luxuries can affect their children's lives worse.

Excess use of mobile phones can cause problems for you and your child. So as far as possible, keep your children away from mobile. Motivate them to play outdoor games which will be helpful in their development.

For the better future of children, if we take some decisive steps beforehand, it will help our children's overall development.

Thank you!




Shailija MishraShailja is a writer, blogger & a content curator by profession. In addition, Shailja also works
as a translator. She thinks that writing is a way to express your thoughts; it is the best way to convey your thoughts to lots of people at one time. Along
with all these she is also pursuing the full-time job of motherhood. You can reach her on LinkedIn or

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