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Nature Trails for young children

  Do you know what is nature trails? The simple way to understand nature trails is taking trails in a natural environment not in a closed atmosphere. Let see something...


Do you know what is nature trails? The simple way to understand nature trails is taking trails in a natural environment not in a closed atmosphere. Let see something about nature trails.

Flower shows

Visit flower shows in gardens like botanical gardens or the ones famous in your own city. Allow your child to see the vibrant colors of flowers, the different shapes, sizes and also create awareness in them to explore the various fragrances through smell. A simple visit, enhances most of our sense organs like touch, smell, sight.


Identify a small unpopular location in your own city of residence, take a drive early morning or in the evening around 4.30pm with your child. Explore the rocky terrain, plains, use a hiking stick if necessary. Carry a small backpack with water bottle, wear comfortable clothes, preferably tracks and t-shirts and good shoes. Start with a small trek for 40mins initially to get them used to the idea of walking on rocky terrains or plains.


Visit a waterfall destination with a small group of friends or relations. Take a picnic lunch, water bottles, enjoy the waterfalls, but be very careful to take good care of children. Don’t neglect them, always be cautious and on high alert mode as you never know what danger awaits you. Taking bath in a fresh water

Beach Vacations

What makes children feel excited about beach vacations?

Building sandcastles, playing Frisbee, collecting shells, running race in the beach sand are some fun activities you can plan on the beach side with your child. Have abundant time in hand and relax at the beach front. Don’t have any time pressure and enjoy with your kids.

Jeep ride

We took a jeep ride in outskirts of Mysore in a forest Nagarahole tiger reserve which made the children so thrilled and exited to spot out the wild life animals. The huge jeep with a bumpy ride and noise of the wild animals surrounded with greenery, sandal wood and neem trees is the specialty of the place. We spotted herds of bison, deer and elephants exploring the forest for hunting. We were lucky enough to witness a cheetah climbing branches in an old big tree as it is a dangerous animal made the entire group to remain silent and watch the actions of the animal for about 15 minutes. There are small restaurants in in the forest where we get made to order with limited menu available which is homely and fulfills our hunger as it a kind of place to feel eat and enjoy.

Nature Walk

Morning nature walk in your area is the simplest and economic way of exposing in the nature. You can take a walk wherever you are at any time anywhere indeed get benefited in a long run. As parents, you are in a tight schedule not able to take your children too far frequently can encourage to take a nature walk which makes the children to think more about what is happening in the surroundings. It enables inhaling morning fresh air which is the natural medicine for our lungs, stimulates hunger and builds positive attitude.

During the holidays we take our children to park, cinema theaters, friends or relatives house, shopping or hotels which is very common in all the families.

As we discussed there are many nature trails for young children which we are not aware. Take them to nearby gardens and let them enjoy the nature with other children of their age group. They will learn sharing is caring in a very good manner over there. Take different kinds of props to make them feel more excited. Here are some of the recreational toys which adds up fun and excitement to your little ones time.

 Make a small group similar to your children age find out new nearby locations and explore the nature and create an awareness to be fit and healthy

Lakshmi Sakthi Alagappan lives in Thanjavur in Tamilnadu, India. She is an  administrative officer at Blossom Public School. She likes reading books, listening to music and surfing.



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