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My Infertility Journey

My Infertility Journey

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This is to all those lovely ladies who are trying for the good news. I am sharing a brief of my personal experience:

Yes, you are not alone. You are among those ladies who are used to the dialogues - Did you visit a gynecologist? Oh who has the problem- you or husband? Do you get your periods on time? You should try new positions. Are you not trying for babies? I will get you contact number for best gynecologist.

I have also heard few extremes like

"You are not blessed with a child because yours was a love marriage and your parents would have cursed you." "You have been cursed by God for Inter-Caste Marriage!"


I told my husband one day - Let us go for IVF treatment just once. Be it positive or negative- I will never ever ask for a treatment again.

We decided to go for it.

What did we do?

  1. Visited an eminent Gynecologist cum Infertility Specialist
  2. We both - husband and wife were examined, counseled and treated
  3. We planned and had a healthy diet as advised
  4. We avoided stress - Prayers , Took job lightly, Avoided negative people, concentrated on hobbies, enjoyed all little moments with each other, changed the flat
  5. We had all multivitamin supplements given
  6. We followed all the instructions as guided by the doctor
  7. Took a vacation to prepare for the IVF - ICSI Treatment

And the moment came to test. Guess what -Finally Pregnant!!

No tears of happiness.. Just a smile and had no words to speak. I just remember the doctor saying - Believe Me - You are Pregnant!

On day one of first scan - Doctor again surprised us saying - There are 2 heart beats in your womb.

We were so happy about the Good News until the second scan that revealed that I conceived triplets while one lost the heartbeat. That made us little down until the specialist said that in a way good so because complications will be less.

Every Scan we prayed things to be good. I had gone through few complications. Doctors, Nurses, friends, relatives- Must say were of great support- both Physical and mental.

Delivered my little ones – God blessed us with a Boy & a Girl. They were taken to NICU where they completed 17 days medical care.

I am glad we visited the right place at the right time. I felt that it was all destined! This was the Plan of God.

So, once again Ladies –With my experience I say that -with today’s technology, dream of becoming a Mom is not impossible. All you have to visit the right specialist before it is too late.


I would love to converse on your experience. Please express your thoughts and let me know –

  • Are you one of the victims of society torturing you mentally for not conceiving? Who tortures you the most? – In Laws, Relatives or Friends?
  • How do you feel when you visit your peers having Kids? Do you notice the topics you usually discussed have changed?
  • Do you avoid visiting your peers for the reason of not having babies?
  • How do you react when you see a baby? Do you feel that your heart is breaking and you control your feelings?
  • Have you got proper guidance from anyone?
  • Who do you discuss your feelings with?
  • What do you do to control your feelings?
  • Do you think the society blames women more than men for not having babies?
  • Do you follow the Ovulation Time table and use apps for same?
  • Do you spend time browsing How to conceive and other topics related?
  • Do you blame your horoscope and fate for not having babies?
  • Working Ladies- Do people ask you to quit job and try for babies?
  • Are you scared or shy to get treated medically?
  • Do you think – It’s an economically, emotionally and time consuming task to go for a treatment & What if it do not work?


Let’s talk ladies. Awaiting your responses!





Sheetal Renosh

Sheetal is a God Loving person. An idealist who believes - “If God brings you to it, He will bring you through it “

Former Campaign Planner @ a reputed Marketing Solutions firm.

You can connect with her on Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram



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  • Well said sheetal 👍

  • Hi sheetal, am really very happy for u…reading this, i remembered my pregnancy as well…when u get something with lots of struggle, that gives u DOUBLE happiness. Always we must have full faith in God. We must never loose hope and we will get it sooner or later.

  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words.When you told you are pregnant , i still remember i was filled with tears and i couldn’t move from where i stood.All i know was to cry at that moment of time.

    Children are always a blessing and we always prayed if god would be merciful to you guys….

    Waiting to see your little ones soon.Love you and miss you

  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words.When you told you are pregnant , i still remember i was filled with tears and i couldn’t move from where i stood.All i know was to cry at that moment of time.

    Children are always a blessing and we always prayed if god would be merciful to you guys….

    Waiting to see your little ones soon.Love you and miss you

  • Nice mam ..your experience gives positivity to every couple who have infertility and also who have conceive bcoz pregnancy is somewere related to emotional and physical aspects..

  • Proverbs 31:26: “She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue.”

    S P
  • My dear loving Sis Sheetu…. M so proud of you my darling…I have witnessed every ups and downs of ur life…U are indeed an inspiration for many….Much more blessings on your way….God bless you n family….Love u always….🥰🥰

    Vineeta y
  • Sheetu… words are so inspiring ..stay blessed dear…

    Pinky Dheepak
  • Heart warming piece.. Like the attitude to tune out unwarranted noises and decide to do what you are your partner felt right. Hope you inspire many more who are going through the same plight.

  • Great post it’s so much heart touching love to read each n every word

    Hala Badar
  • This is just wow!!! This Is truly inspiring Sheetu! The patience and endurance you both showed,the sacrifice you did,the struggle you underwent,the challenges you accepted all is rewarded well,you both deserve this double treat.count your blessings and keep the smile on you…

    Sini Biju
  • ThankGod!
    Happy to be part of ur life and to witness your dream coming true.
    Prayers to munchkins… Stay Blessed.. Stay Happy as Always ❤️

  • Well said sheetal…God bless you & your family

  • Truly inspirational! I’m very happy for you, such a wonderful journey

    Dr Manal Elkhouly
  • Amazing Sheetu…. So happy for you, Renosh n the little ones… May God Bless You With All Happiness… This is really a great news for all the ladies out there who are trying to become mom…

    Vidya Gopinath
  • Yes sheethu.. Truly inspiring to those who undergoing these situations.. god bless u dear…

  • Bravo Sheetal
    God bless you and your family always…

  • That was an amazing , positive and inspired journy , God bless you and your family keep ur positivity up :)

    Aya ahmed
  • U spread the positive energy !!
    Wellsaid & Welldone :)

  • Waw Sheetal.. truly appreciate..

    Finto Antony
  • Right decision and adhering to it… 👍

    Jithin Sreenivasan
  • Sheetal, you are such a positive and lovely person and deserves all the happiness in your life. Your words are truly an inspiration to lots of people. God bless your beautiful family.

  • Amazing , thoughtful work specially for my partner to think about it and planned accordingly,, 👍👍👍

  • Wenever I feel down, i think abt your life’s journey which actually gives me courage to overcome my same situation. Our God’s special favor is upon you guyz. Stay blessed. Love you😘

  • Well said sheetuuu🤗Sooo happy for u guyss😘😘😘


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