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My Fertility Journey To Triplet Pregnancy

My Fertility Journey To Triplet Pregnancy

I was thinking about which topic to write my first blog on, and then thought, let me start from the very beginning. So, today I choose to share my fertility journey with you all!

So, let’s start story of my fertility journey... I got married in 2012 and shifted to a new city in the same state. Briefly after 6 months, I joined a very reputed private bank. As the new age couple like others, we were not in a hurry to start our family and wanted to focus on our careers and wanted to make some savings. I was 28 and he was 30 when we got married. We were quite busy in our lives, and at least for the first 3 years, had no thought of starting a family. After sometime I got engaged in looking after my ailing mother who was diagnosed with relapse of cancer. She passed away in December 2015. At that time, I was feeling very sad, depressed and lonely; and thought it's time that I should bring a new life to our lives, and extend our family.

We then started putting in efforts to get pregnant and of course, in our stressed corporate lives and in the world of mobile, we got very little free minded quality time.

After few months of trying, I was still unable to get pregnant. So, we thought to consult a doctor.

In our visit with the doctor, he took some of our initial tests, and luckily there was nothing to be concerned. Our reports were fine. But considering our age, (as I was 32 by then), and the fact that we had been trying for some months, the doctor suggested us to go for IUI treatment. (It is a simple fertility treatment that involves placing sperm inside a woman's uterus to facilitate fertilization)

After this suggestion from the doctor, we took some a month or two, and then decided to go for the IUI.  By then had I researched quite a bit about the process, and understood the fact that IUI has the success rate of just 7-10% per cycle.

My first IUI was done in December 2016 and I don't know why, but just after the process, I started feeling like it’s going to be successful even though I knew the actual success rate.

Then came my period date which was supposed to be the 14th of January, but I usually have a period cycle of 35 days. I was ready to wait till then, but my husband insisted I should get it tested at home. So, on 16th January early morning I took my test! Obviously, I couldn't sleep properly throughout the previous night...and right there, in the morning, I saw the two lines!

I called up my sister at the same time, at 7 am in the morning and sent her the image of pregnancy kit to confirm if that actually means I was pregnant!

I think that was the happiest day of my life, and still can feel that excitement when I think about it!

As it was my first pregnancy ever, I was super excited and couldn't resist to share this news with one of my friend and colleague, and also with my boss, not following the rule of ‘no disclosure before 3 months.’ 

After my home pregnancy test, we visited our doctor and suggested us a sonography. And yes, sonography confirmed the same result, and my gynecologist told me to come back after a month for follow up check. Then she took us to the fertility doctor (in the same hospital) who suggested me to come back after 15 days, as he found that the heartbeats of the fetus(baby) was on the lower side. I didn't take that too seriously and was happy with my pregnancy.

And then came the day of the visit. My doctor checked me and gave me some bad news.

“Heartbeats are very low; you need to come for sonography after a day. If it remains the same, we may have to abort.”


Of course, these are the lines that no pregnant woman would ever want to hear. I just burst in tears as if I had already had lost it. My husband consoled me and asked me to keep faith in God.

We visited doctor again a day later. And it was confirmed. We had lost it.

This time was the most upsetting for us, but I just moved on and made myself busy in my work.

Our doctor suggested us to go for the next IUI the very next month but I was not mentally ready for it. So, I decided to take a break for a couple of months. I also had a dental problem and thought of getting it fixed first, as in my first pregnancy I had gotten a very bad tooth ache and had taken a medicine which shouldn't be taken by a pregnant mother. (Even though my pregnancy was not confirmed till then, and I am not sure if that could be the reason of this miscarriage, but it could be).

So once my dental problem got solved, we decided to restart the process of trying; and after 9 months, I did my second IUI, in September 2017. This time I was nervous, but just as my first IUI was successful, I was having a feeling again about this one being successful. But to my bad luck, I just got the periods on Dhanteras, quiet before my due date. Yes, if your IUI is not successful you will generally get periods within 15 days of the process.

I visited the doctor in October again, but the doctor said I had cyst in my ovaries so I would have to skip that month. Then again, I visited the doc in the month of November, but the problem persisted. The doctor had a doubt about whether I had started to have some hormonal problems. That was really frightening, and so he suggested me get a checkup, and luckily the reports were fine.

In December, my cyst was gone, and we started the IUI cycle. IUI was done on the very auspicious day of Makar Sankranti. I requested doctor to do some miracle now. He just smiled. He usually does not express much, and speaks only when it is really needed.

This time I was super nervous because of the earlier failures. I had read that you can check after 15 days if the process was successful, and this time I couldn't wait for my period day, as there were still 2-3 days left for my period date.


I took the test early morning, as that is the most reliable time. And guess what?

Only a single line. I sighed.

Just after couple of minutes, when kit dried, I could see a very light second line. And my eyes lit up with joy! I called up my sister again, and she confirmed by saying that most probably it is a yes! I repeated the test the very next day, and now there were very clear two lines! I did it!


‌We visited the doctor and he confirmed the status of the pregnancy, and asked us to revisit after 15 days. After 15 days when I went back for sonography, with the same nervousness and fear, my sonographer was taking a longer time. I asked twice if everything was fine. He then called my husband and burst the news: "YOU ARE PREGNANT WITH TRIPLETS!"

Yes, you heard it right. Its three! I was smiling and was joyous as never before, but my husband nervous, as he was not ready for 3 kids! We then went to my fertility doctor and he smiled for the first time, and congratulated us.


But eventually, one of the fetus stopped growing in the next couple of weeks, and then I was carrying a twin pregnancy.

Everything went well then onwards, and I gave birth to my two healthy baby girls!


So, the lesson learnt is be patient and keep faith. I always wanted 2 kids and I used to think that I am already 32, so when will I have first kid and then the second!?


But God indeed had a better plan. So, trust God, and enjoy this experience!

Thank you for reading!

Seema Bhojwani

Seema Bhojwani, is a former banker who left her job this February, and is a lucky house mom of two sweet little twin girls who are now 18 months old!








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