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Motherhood Is The Biggest Teacher

by Shailja Mishra 25 Feb 2021 0 Comments
Motherhood Is The Biggest Teacher
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Being a mother is the most outstanding achievement in every girl's life as it is one of the most significant life modifications that a lady can experience. You are quickly engulfed in new stresses and challenges, along with you will get the most happiness and love. Through motherhood, a woman learns many lessons, which anyone will not understand before having a child.

Talking about myself, I have one five year's old beautiful daughter, and since becoming a mom, my view on life has changed largely. Things that were never important to me have become now, and something that I thought was essential, are nothing now. Now, I know very well how to be grateful, healthy, present, and all set. What you learn from motherhood will stick with you forever. The following lessons I have learned from motherhood that you can follow too:

Being a mom, always get ready for the unexpected things:

Don't just imagine that something won't go as intended, but be prepared for those circumstances. You can't manage all, especially with a little kid, but you can prepare yourself for it.

So always have a few additional snacks and supplies; keep the phone number of that person who always ready to help you immediately and a backup plan.

Don't satisfy everyone; you can't do this:

For every mom, her children prioritize, being a mother, you will understand that you have to prioritize your life and responsibilities. Maybe you miss out on many birthday parties in your family or Easter calibrations with your cousins, but you have to choose what is best for you, your children, and your family.

Before being a mother, you may have been capable of joining every occasion and reply every phone call, but now it's a little bit harder. Maybe you disappoint your relatives, but they should understand your new role and responsibilities as a mother. 

To sacrifice things:

Becoming a mother is the best feeling in the world, and it is also a challenging task. There are many things that we have to sacrifice for our children's hits. I sacrificed many things for my daughter, such as sleeping, walking, watching movies, and more. It was easy for me to renounce all of them because they were not more important than my baby girl.

It is not always fun to give up after becoming a mother, but it is easy because a mother's preference is her child.

Don't follow the adage "Take a nap when the baby sleeps."

In my view, "Take a nap when the baby sleeps" is total nonsense. I was too hassled, worried, and nervous about taking a nap in those first few weeks. When my baby slept the thought of "I should sleep right now!" pondered heavily on my brain to be able to fall asleep. Sleep is good. It would help if you took a nap whenever you want, don't wait for anything; this will make you more refreshing instead of following any saying. 

Don't worry about your postpartum body:

When I became a mom, I didn't care about my postpartum body as I had many important things to worry about. I didn't care about my stretch marks as my priority was my baby girl. I spend a lot of time with her. Now I do not even know that stretch marks ever came.


Friends, becoming a mother is such a feeling that teaches us how to give importance to someone more than ourselves. In a child, we find our all happiness. If he/she laughs, then we laugh. If he/she cries, we also get upset and find a way to keep him happy. I learned a lot from being a mother. And you?




Shailja Mishra

Shailja is a writer, blogger & a content curator by profession. In addition, Shailja also works as a translator at parikshaadda.com. She thinks that writing is a way to express your thoughts; it is the best way to convey your thoughts to lots of people at one time. Along with all these she is also pursuing the full-time job of motherhood. You can reach her on LinkedIn or on shailjamishra027.sm20@gmail.com



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