Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health


Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

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Mental issues may start when children don’t get anyone to share thoughts. Children also have to go through many things in their daily life. Exams pressure, school bullying, competitive nature.

In today’s competitive world we prepared our children to be strong physically. Keep their schedule pack with many curriculum activities. We make our children prepared how to learn new things in this competitive world. But at the same time, we forgot to understand the pressure they are going through.

Every child has something special. Sometimes they are just unable to recognize that quality. And that is the point when they get in pressure and start taking mental stress. This is the time when they need their parents with them. Develop a child mentally to face the world. Mental health is equally important to prepare a child physically.

 These are some mental health issues that could arise in children:


  • Anxiety

    Anxiety is when children start overthinking about particular things. When a child is more worried about small tasks then baby is more anxious. For example - When a child thinks everything negative that he/she will miss the exam, not get up on time for school.


    1. Child becomes irritated
    2. Have difficulty in sleeping
    3. Have angry outbursts
    4. Keep thinking about bad things


    • Depression

      Childhood depression is different from normal. If a child is sad that doesn’t mean it is depression.  If sadness become interferes with family, friends, social life, or schoolwork. It can be a sign of depressive illness.


      1. Increased sensitivity of rejection
      2. Concentration issues
      3. Feeling worthless
      4. Change in sleep
      5. Attention-Deficit /Hyperactive Disorder


      •  Attention-Deficit /Hyperactive Disorder

      Children with ADHD are very impulsive. “Acting without thinking” is the perfect definition to define impulsivity. Peak severity is usually at age 7 or 8 of impulsive behavior.  This is very common in kids. Children start thinking that they are not important and start doing things to get attention.


      1. Self-focused behavior
      2. Impulsive
      3. Daydreaming
      4. Lack of focus
      5. Interrupting


      • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

        PTSD is a serious mental health problem. A child with this carries constant, scary thoughts and memories of any past event. It can be because of ant physical or sexual abuse or the victim of severe bullying. This can happen with any age child.


        1. Not sleeping properly
        2. Nervous
        3. Depressed
        4. Lost focus


        How can you help if a child is suffering from any of the mental issues?

        • Parental help

          Parents should always have an open relationship with their children. When a child finds a friend in parents then they don’t need anyone acceptance. Children should feel free to share all the thoughts they have with their parents.

          And talking is the best medicine for any problem. So make your relationship with children more open. Talk about everything and let your child feel free.

          • Professional help

            Sometimes parents are not able to diagnose the problems child is facing. In such cases, parents should take the help of a counselor or psychiatrist. Always feel free to consult mental health issues. Professionals can find and cure the problem on time.

            In recent times we are noticing many teenagers and youngsters are doing suicide. Because we all busy in our own lives. And sometimes ignores the family and friends for work.

            We all learn in our childhood “Sharing Is Caring” and yes it also applies to share thoughts, feelings and the situation person is going through. So always be in touch with your family and friends. Nothing is beautiful than life. Let’s tackle all the problems together.

            BE STRONG & BE HAPPY

            HAPPY PARENTING!




            Shreya Goel

            Shreya Goel is a mother of a two year old son. She is a working mother who loves to spend time with her family. She believes that parenting makes you learn many things with time. Her son inspires her to start writing and to try to help more parents. 



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