Maintaining Work-Life Balance As A Mom

Maintaining Work-Life Balance As A Mom
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The life of a mom is not easy. It takes a whole lot of patience to fulfill the role of a mother. It does not come with a manual and every day is a learning experience.

For a working mom, it is not easy too. Managing a full-time career and a mother's responsibility is a dual responsibility. If you can manage the time and balance both work and mom roles then you can achieve a good result in both areas.

Here are certain tips that will help you balance work and personal life as a Mom.

  1. No more mom guilt- Being at the office, most moms feel guilty about not being around when their child grows up every day. Society will always be there to judge you. This brings insecurity in you and you started feeling guilt. Stop listening to the stereotypical ideas of society and believe in yourself. The decision is yours and your partner or family must support and admire it. It gives you confidence and your kid understands your decision, self-worth, and sacrifice.
  1. Working Mom hacks- Your main intention is to save time in whatever possible ways. So, invent some cool hacks as a working mother that will work best for you. Like for example- chew the vegetables at night for the next day's lunch, order groceries online, do the laundry only on the weekends.
  2. Childcare Service- It is obvious that working mothers do need the help of childcare or daycare services. So, research very well the best one that comes in your way to the office. It will save your time to pick up and drop the baby. You can even stay relax with trustworthy daycare services for your child.
  3. Clear Communication With Boss- Working mothers are very responsible. They do not use their babies as an excuse. But, it does not mean that working mothers are less productive employees.They know how to complete the task given to them. But, flexibility is also mandatory for them. Hence, you should have clear communication with your boss, manager about your schedule with the baby, and ask for help is no big difficulty for working mothers.
  1. No More Distractions- Being too chatty during lunch with co-workers can hamper your productivity. So, utilize your time right at work. So that you can complete the day's work and leave for home. At home, your partner and child are your priority. Don't waste your time watching tv and browsing your phone. It takes away the quality time with family. So avoid using too much phone or stop watching tv.
  1. Me Time and Quality Time With Partner- To refresh, rejuvenate, and even relax you should focus on yourself. Take care of your health, stay fit, eat healthily, take care of your skin and hair. To reconnect with your soul, try and practice meditation. Go for a dinner date with your partner if the childcare individual is trustworthy and you can leave the child for an hour or two with the individual.
  2. Share household chores- Sharing the household chores with your partner or other family members is no shame. It is not only a woman's job. Staying in a family where a baby is growing, sharing the load will only make your child wise. The baby will understand no work is gender-specific.
  3. Plan and Stay Organized- For working mothers, planning saves a lot of time and even they can complete all the works on time. If you are a disorganized person, then please become organized in life as soon as possible. It will help you shortly to accomplish all tasks on time.


Yes, you can manage both the world without any doubt. The will power is everything to manage both work life and personal life. But also there is no harm in asking a little help before you become too exhausted, tired, and shut down completely.

After all, you are not a superwoman with superpowers like Wonder Woman. But, if you know how to manage work life and personal life as a Mom, then you are no less than a Wonder Woman.


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Dipannita Das
Dipannita is a stay-at-home freelancer and Youtuber mom. She believes in gender equality and finds perfection in imperfection. You can connect with her on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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