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Magic Words To Be Taught To Kids

by Yashodha Rao 30 Mar 2021 7 Comments

Everybody got surprised when my one and  half year old son uttered “thank you", in return for a toy! The joy of a mother is boundless when she hears the first word “mummy” from her child. All the pain, struggles and worries fly away just waiting for that first word muttered by her baby. Even I have come across such blissful moments. My younger son is three and half years old, but he projects his anger in such a way that I stay confused wondering whether to laugh or scold? 

Children are god’s gift, aren’t they? God can be best described as kind. Now, how can we adopt this quality in our day to day life? We can speak kindly, wherever required we can behave kindly…yes or no? Now, that’s why I feel it important and also part of our responsibility to inculcate this super quality right from the beginning to our kids. I am going to list down the magic words that embraces kindness:

Thank you: This is one of the kindest gestures which many of us forget to mention. Some of you must have said thank you to the waiter in a hotel who constantly strives hard for us to serve the orders, isn’t it? Seeing the smile on his face, that’s enough for him to work for the rest of the day. Keeping the child in mind, the parents should be keen to thank each other for their activities. Since parents are the first role model of the child, the child will learn and never hesitate to say thank you.

Sorry : You accidently bump into someone and ask sorry…that person instantly forgives you even though he’s angry for your act, now that’s the power of the word, “sorry”. Adding this word to your child’s dictionary is a seed for him to grow as a sensible and humble human being.

Please: My mother is wise that even now she pleads with me for any kind of task to be done and universally nobody achieves anything in life being rude. Hence, encourage your child to things like “mama please give me some milk or water “ , “mamma please take me to park”, gradually he or she will automatically follow your way.

Welcome:  We tend to choose a door mat which includes welcome in it, isn’t it? Traditionally we are grown to greet the guest with “welcome”. Now, this happened in our house…my little one welcomed my aunt and uncle (even though he was busy with his cluttering of toys), they were very happy with my son's sweet gesture.

So it is as simple as I listed above. We as mothers feel high on the sky when our children are praised. So it’s easy for a child to grasp things in his or her own mother-tongue. The moment children start conversing with words, you can start teaching these magic words along with other words. Teaching requires a lot of patience and when it comes to toddlers it is best to tune into their comfort zone. For example, while taking your toddler for a walk, talk to them casually and observe how they react, observe for any difficulty in pronouncing and try to repeat those words. If you know multiple languages then make sure to teach them step by step. In today’s competitive world, knowledge of English is very essential, so do train in English language.

Also do share with me your experience of parenting by commenting below.


Yashodha Rao is an enthusiastic mom of two sons, being a B.Com graduate I have experience in Banking and Finance domain. She likes reading books and has written articles for the Kids Zone in The Indian Express during school days. You can connect with her on Faceboook. 


Also, she owns blog site powered by Google: https://onenessword.blogspot.com/

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Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are the personal views of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mom Store.

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11 Jun 2021 Swetha

It’s awesome written given a great description . Nice parenting tips for new mom’s

10 Apr 2021 Pooja Kulkarni

very thought ful idea to write a blog on this topic. because we generally think children will listen and speak these words but it should be taught to them so that it gets inculcated in their routine lives.

03 Apr 2021 Anusha Rao
I love the way it’s been written and I’m sure it’ll be of great help for moms-to-be and new mothers ! Kudos to the writer of this blog !
31 Mar 2021 Yashodha

Thank you Prabhu anna..it means a lot to me…

31 Mar 2021 Yashodha

Thank you Prabhu anna..it means a lot to me…

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