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Magic of Storytelling

by Helena Lopes on Unsplash Hello readers, your blogger Monika is back. So, do you remember when was the last time you told the story to your kids? If not...

Hello readers, your blogger Monika is back. So, do you remember when was the last time you told the story to your kids? If not then you must start now. 

We all use to hear stories from our grandparents or parents. I remember my grandmother used to tell me stories about our culture and religion. It was fun for me but unknowingly I was learning and grasping the idea. 

I narrate my daughter Kashvi a bedtime story. Initially, I used to create funny stories where all the characters were family members. Slowly I shifted to the Jungle story and now when she is in her kindergarten, I tell her a story of school and friends. Trust me this helped me a lot to prepare her for the outside world.

Power of Story Telling

So let me share with you, a few benefits of storytelling. This will l have a great impact on your child's development.

  1. Quality time: Narrating a story, and making a drama it's fun for kids but we are giving them quality time. This is purely your time with your kids. It is far better than playing a story on a mobile phone or by Alexa. 
  • Imagination power: When you narrate the story to your toddlers or kids. It enhances their imagination skills. Which is not there in the case of showing them on the device. They start creating the characters and situations.

  • Broaden their horizon: With the help of stories you can create a situation and ask your child a solution for this. It can be significant like sharing your toys for the value of money. This way you can make your child understand things in a very lighter way.
    1. Develop Memory: When you tell something to your child in a story form. They will learn it faster and easier way. Even they will remember the gist of the story and will narrate you again or later on. This helps in their memory development.
  • Command over language: Storytelling is a great medium to develop the language skills of the child. Your child learns new words every time. 

  • Emotional Development: Every story has different emotional genres. Some are funny, some are about goals and achievements, some are about superheroes, and so on. With each genre of story, your child learns about different emotions like happiness, sadness, fear, anger, dedication, etc. 
    1. Confidence: When your child learns about storytelling, it automatically boosts their confidence in public speaking. They can talk more freely and confidently. They know how to reply and react in certain situations.
  • Understanding the outside world: You can't be with your child 24x7. With the help of stories, you can make them understand the outside world. For example, don't talk with strangers or about the good touch or bad touches.

  • Create excitement about reading: Book reading is a very good activity, you can enroll your child in. With the help of stories, you can create excitement about reading in your child. This will keep them away from gadgets and busy with some genuine and fruitful activities.

  • I hope this blog will be helpful to you all. So, start investing your time with your kids in storytelling.

    Monika Kothari is a blogger outside the experience in import and export company as a Public Relation Executive, Marketing Executive in outdoor media firm. She is a house wife and a mother of beautiful daughter. She is passionate about writing her experience and sharing to the world. 


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