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Love And Appreciate Your Mom Before It Is Too Late

  Every mother is important for a little one! It is our Mom through which a small kid can fulfil his/her needs. The preferable thing for a mother is "to...

Love And Appreciate Your Mom Before It Is Too Late


Every mother is important for a little one! It is our Mom through which a small kid can fulfil his/her needs. The preferable thing for a mother is "to grow up her child." Today if we are successful, it’s just because of our mother. I have learnt a lot from the journey of a girl to become a mother. My whole life had suddenly changed when Akshita (my daughter) came into my life, I can't express that feeling in my words. Seriously, if you want to see God on earth, it's a mother.  My today's blog is for all those who don't respect their Mom's love and efforts-

Why Moms are important; ask those who are motherless:

All those children, including me, are very lucky to have a Mother's love, but many do not realize this. Mostly growing up Children, interrupt their mothers on small things, such as-

  • How dressed-up?
  • Mom, please change the way you talk?
  • Mom! They were my friends, you did wrong.

And so on, but moms always keep smiling after hearing all this. If you are also one of these children, you should think about those kids who couldn't attain their mother's love. There is a great difference between a mother's love and love like mom. Many kids do not appreciate their moms when they are alive, and after their death, they cry and feel alone.  Our Moms never let us feel alone, no matter what the situations are. But everyone can't do this.

But thanks to God, I have my Mamma and her love. She is like a coconut, strict from the outside and soft inside. 

Mother's love is unquenchable. Respect her. She has given up her whole life to us, and children must spend time with her. Never let her feel alone. Dedicate only a few hours in a day to her. Remember, all relationships will be made according to your status, but moms never see your status. She always tries to make you a good person, but she loves you in all situations. For your Mom, you were her priority; can't you do it!

Dedicate each day to your Mom:

We give lots of cards, gifts, etc., to our Mom on their Birthday/Mother's day. But, do you know what your Mom thinks at that time "may this day never end, one day in the year my children give me a lot of love and spend time with me." not because of cards and gifts, just because of your are giving her value.

If you celebrate Days for mother, it's great. But should we dedicate only one day of the year to our mother? Is one day enough for the woman who lived a full life for us? Are we honoring our Moms? It’s not fair.

I am not saying you should not celebrate special occasions with your mother; I am only asking to give her a special place in your life like your friends/husbands/wife. So don't busy with your mobiles or laptops; take a nap in the lap of your mother; you'll be so relaxed.

Keep your Mom happy God will keep you happy:

One thing we all should understand is that God gives us a precious gift, i.e., Mother. We can never repay our mother's debt. So never ignore your mother, do not misbehave with her, do not accuse her of anything. Mother's love cannot be compared with anyone, neither your friends nor your wife/husbands. Of course they all should have a special place in your life but not like or great than your mother. So give love to your mother, give her preference as she gave us. Before doing any new or important work, please discuss it with your mother. She will like this; she will feel that you are giving her importance.

Celebrate special Days, but this celebration should be never-ending. Every day, spend few moments with your mother. May God strengthen your mother and your relationship!


Shailja is a writer, blogger & a content curator by profession. In addition, Shailja also works as a translator at She thinks that writing is a way to express your thoughts; it is the best way to convey your thoughts to lots of people at one time. Along with all these she is also pursuing the full-time job of motherhood. You can reach her on or

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